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The First of Many - DVD

One of Sheila’s last requests was to see Major Mac V ridden out on the Biddle in a California hackamore… no show ring, no bit, no arena. Just the hills, the grass, and a Vaquero hackamore. Lester Buckley flew out to fulfill that wish. The moment was captured on film for Sheila to watch from home.


Trailer Loading

This instructional video shows Sheila Varian’s unique  and proven method of teaching horses to load in a trailer (or anything else you want them to go into or over.)  Watch Sheila take a young horse through every phase of learning to load in a trailer.  Filmed at the 2015 Summer Jubilee.

Approx. 45 minutes


Varian Way with Sheila Varian

Sheila tells the story of her journey and long term success in the Arabian horse business.  In this 90 minute video filmed in 2012, Sheila shares historical photos and stories of her life and work in the Arabian world. This is a fantastic video for Arabian horse enthusiasts and is a must-have video for any library.

Approx. 1 1/2 Hrs.


The Vaquero Tradition

This informative and lively new film was made in November 2004 and features Sheila Varian demonstrating the Vaquero methods of training using her horses Murietta V and Lightly Bey V, and features cameo appearances by good friends of Sheila's such as Ernie Morris, a well known Vaquero artisan.  As one of the few people who is knowledgeable in the old time California techniques, Sheila takes the viewer step by step through the tradition of the Hackamore, Two Rein, and Spade Bit and explains how she trains her horses using this historic method.

Approx. 1 1/4 Hrs.


The Vaquero Tradition - Set

Get both DVD's together


Desperado V

Forth in the Varian line of stallions, Desperado V was a Sire of Signficance and has sired more than 900 foals. Desperado V has sired an amazing number of National Champions in Halter and all of the Performance disciplines. Foaled and raised here at Varian Arabians, Desperado lived all his 28 years in our care as did his sire Huckleberry Bey++ and grandsire Bay-El-Bey++.Filmed in 1996 at the height of his career, Deperado V's stallion video features an important part of Varian history.


The Predictable Outcome: The Huckleberry Bey++ Story

An outstanding historical DVD/VHS about the late, great Huckleberry Bey++, Sire of the leading stallions in America in get winning in Halter and Performance. 
Filmed in 1983 by Scott Trees.

Runtime: 20 Min.


Indian Summer: Dover Canyon

This historical video captures the final time Sheila Varian rode Huckleberry Bey++ before his death at the age of 17.  A beautiful, loving film that catches the essence of Huckleberry Bey++ at his best.  Filmed in 1991 by Dick Towle.

Runtime: 20 Min.


Three Generations of Stallions, Six Generations of Mares

Three Generations of Stallions is the first film made at Varian Arabians.  Filmed in 1982, it features the legendary Bay Abi++ at age 25, Bey El Bey++ at age 17, and Hucklberry Bey++ at age 7.  Simple and lovely, this historical video is a must have for your library.  Accompanying Three Generations is Six Generations of Mares, which begins with the foundation mare *Bachantka, who was imported by Varian Arabians from Poland in 1961.  See *Bachantka in rare, old footage with five generations of offspring.  Sheila Varian is interviewed about her breeding philosophies in this extraordinary piece of history.

Runtime: 20 Min.


V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian

Dive into this inspirational story of one of the world's most revered horse women and breeders. You'll follow her epic journey through adventures, trials, lessons and joys. But most of all, you'll be inspired by what can happen when someone digs deep to follow their calling... and ends up changing the world.

Running time: 128 minutes

$20! (plus S/H)


Sheila Varian - Tribute Book

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  windy bey v interior conchos

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