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"I can honestly say The Sheila Varian Museum turned out better then I had imagined. I have so many people to thank for making it all come together for her, for us, for you." ~ Angela Alvarez

Sheila's museum is now in three different but very special locations that represent her lifetime achievements.  Her saddle she won on Ronteza in 1961 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco will be on display along with Ronteza's bridle, photos, belt buckle, story & photos written about her incredible win on her little bay mare.  This October the Cow Palace annual rodeo will host "The Year of the Woman” they will also raise money for Ovarian cancer. The rodeo circuit normally raises funds for Breast cancer and the participants wear pink but this year they will wear teal, it will be a wonderful tribute to Sheila and all women of the western world. For more info on the event in October or the Cow Palace Event Center 

The bulk of her museum went to her Varian family at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, California. John Varian, the man of many talents, woodworking being one of them will build her a beautiful rustic museum in their quaint little town of Parkfield for people to visit.  For more info & history on the V6 Ranch go to, if you are looking to "Cowboy or Cowgirl Up" for a weekend this will become your happy place.  I know Sheila is smiling, she loved to ride on that ranch and be a part of the many clinics & events they hosted, so many wonderful memories she held close to her heart was at the V6.

The third special location I chose was to send her Cowgirl Hall of Fame dress, hat, and boots to the Santa Ynez Historical Museum in Santa Ynez, California.  This is where Sheila would do her Vaquero events every November.

I am sure in my heart Sheila would approve, all these places were meaningful to her and they will all honor her memory.




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