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Audacious ps - The grand gentleman of Varian Arabians


April 9, 1994 – February 14, 2019

(Fame VF+ x HAL Flirtatious)
Grey Stallion
15.1 hands

Sheila was not discretionary in the loving relationships she established with particular horses.

They need not have been bred by her for her to love them.
They need not have been showered with accolades for her to love them.
They need not have been a certain ‘look’ she cherished for her to love them.

They only needed to speak to her soul, and then she pledged her care and devotion to them for the rest of their days. No holds barred. No condition attached.

Besides a rare few in her life, the likes of Bay-Abi, Ronteza, and Huckleberry Bey, one horse stole her heart in a profound way, as he did nearly every other living being – horse or animal – who ever met him.

Audacious ps and Sheila seemed to enter into this wordless, beautiful dance together every time they were in the same ring… Sheila standing in the middle, smiling from ear to ear as the ethereal and soulful white stallion played around her, and with her.

Audacious was easy to love. Beyond his unforgettable beauty – including those famous tipped-in ears, liquid eyes, and quintessential flagged tail – Audacious oozed with a gentle, otherworldly joy, anointing those around him with a special reminder that the world is just as it should be, that beauty can be seen everywhere around us, and that joy is ours for the taking.

It is no wonder Sheila loved him so.


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Did you know that when we started his Facebook page in 2014, he amassed a worldwide following of thousands of people in only a matter of months? The world saw this special soul and fell in love with him just as Sheila did. Sheila is nobody’s fool… she found Audacious at the ripe age of fifteen years of age and gave him the world stage he deserved. He thrived at Varian Arabians for the remainder of his days, just as Sheila had promised.

Audacious was lovingly laid to rest on Valentine’s Day.. of all days. The irony. On first glance, it seems to add another layer of pain to a colossal heap of heartbreak. 

And yet, what did Audacious always communicate to us? Yes, the world is as it should be. Yes, there is beauty all around us. And, yes, joy is ours for the taking. Maybe – just maybe – it was his way of reminding us of these truths on the one day of the year that is dedicated to all that he stood for… Love. And from that place, it suddenly feels… just as it should be. 

There will never be another Audacious ps, just as there will never be another Sheila Varian.

But their legacies and their truths will live on in our hearts. And even though he didn’t display the royal “V” on his hip, Audacious will forever be intertwined with the most poignant values represented in the Power of the V. 

 Rest in peace, dear Audacious. We are better because of you.



"He makes my heart happy." | Sheila Varian



Thoughts From Sheila...

"Audacious presents himself in an especially appealing way to me. He is extremely charismatic with huge black eyes, a lovely, expressive face, long well-hinged neck, short back, snow-white color, and a tail carriage that is truly exceptional. With all of Audacious’ showy attitude, one won’t be able find a sweeter or kinder stallion. With brief under-saddle training at the age of ten years with Ron Copple, Audacious took to training as though he was a three year old.

We have been looking for a stallion to breed back into the *Jullyen El Jamaal daughters as well as the Desperado V, Maclintock V and Bravado Bey V daughters for five years, and I am thrilled to have finally found a stallion that could live up to the requirements of Varian Arabians.... Beautiful, with excellent conformation, athletic capabilities and a mind that accepts saddle training.

Simply put, he makes my heart happy. I'd encourage you to watch his tribute video below for his full story." ~ Sheila



1995 US National Top Ten Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes Colt

1997 US Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt

1999 Buckeye Sweepstakes 1st Place

1999 Region 8 Champion Stallion

2001 Region 5 Champion Stallion

2009 Scottsdale Reserve Champion 8 Years & Over Stallions

2010 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Breeding, 8 Years & Older Stallions



(Fame VF+ x HAL Flirtatious)
April 9, 1994 - February 14, 2019
15.1 hands


1995 US Nationals TT Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes
1997 US National Reserve Champion Futurity stallion
1999 Buckeye Sweepstakes 1st place 
1999 Region 8 Champion Stallion
2001 Region 5 Champion Stallion 
2009 Scottsdale Reserve Champion 8 Years & Over Stallions 
2010 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Breeding, 8 Years & Older Stallions

Breeding Info:

SCID, LFS, and CA Clear


Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
Scottsdale Signature Stallion
Region XII Spotlight Stallion
Minnesota Medallion Stallions 

Champion List   

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Audacious ps - Testimonials

I don't consider myself an authority but I do know what I like. What struck me was that Audacious was the oldest one in the ring and yet he entered like a MUCH younger stallion with loads of exuberance! He was a masculine stallion that couldn't be mistaken for a mare. His neck was up, tail over back and a gorgeous trot! He demonstrated such excitement to be there and he was in it to win! Jeff Schall did a beautiful job handling Audacious while he strutted his stuff!! Once I got past the electric energy he brought, it was incredible to see the details such as his big beautiful eyes, tiny tippy ears, well set neck, short back and smooth length of hip. His quality was obvious. Then I saw his son, Chippendale V. I had to have a breeding! I visited Varian Arabians later that year and saw more of his foals. I bought the breeding that day. I haven't used it until now, I needed the time to be right. I cannot wait until 2016!!

-Greg Norris


My first Audacious baby (colt) arrived on March 18th.   He is bay and, so far, looks to stay bay with two hind socks and wonderful facial markings.   I am absolutely thrilled with this colt -- pretty, pretty face; great ears; long neck; carries his tail at half-mast even in the stall so looks like he will move.  Refinement and stretch.   Helen is one of my best mares and produced the Region 16 Champion Sweeps filly of 2 years ago by Valentino.   This baby is even better!   I had to choose which mare to nominate for the Region 12 Spotlight auction breeding and I chose Koweta Allelujah.   We'll see, but perhaps it should have been this one.  He can show in the regular Signature class in any event. I'll let you know when the other one comes -- due around April 10. 

Denni K Mack

Koweta Arabians
Monticello, Georgia


We are absolutely thrilled to have our Dreamcatcher SMF daugher in foal to Audacious ps.
He really epitomizes what we were looking for in a stallion with his short coupling, great
movement, and classic type. Not to mention impeccable breeding and charisma to burn. What
more could you want? Huge thank you's to Sheila Varian fo rmaking this stallion available for

Lan Larocque


Oh, Sheila, it makes my heart sing that you're getting Audacious back out 
there! I'll be watching via computer on Friday and cheering him on.  I'm 
tearing up as I write this. Fans of these precious bloodlines thank you. So, 
win or not win...hooooorah! 

Kathy Huber

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