Varian Arabians hosts two annual events, our Hands On Clinic in April and The Varian Way Weekend in August. We also host clinics for outside intructors and trainers offering an exceptional atmosphere to learn hands on with horses under-saddle and in-hand.

We love having our friends and clients come out for a visit and to get to experience Varian Arabians at our best.


2018 Hands-On Clinic
HANDS ON CLINIC - April 21 - 22, 2018

Varian Arabians Hands-On Clinic offers a variety of learning opportunities for horse enthusiasts interested in furthering their horsemanship skills The Varian Way. The 2018 Hands-On Clinic features acclaimed horseman Lester Buckley, of the award-winning documentary "The First of Many," Arabian industry leaders Brett & Marjie Becker, and Varian Arabian trainers Jaime Hernandez and Mike Perez. 

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THE VARIAN WAY WEEKEND - August 4-5, 2018

The Varian Way Weekend offers an entertaining and informative 2 days in the summer, with guest lectures and demonstrations showcasing the "Varian Way". Stallion and Sales presentations, plus the traditional Mare walk.

Featured Clinicians:
Abe Cotton
Abe Cotton
 Rory O'Neill
Rory O'Neill


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Guest Clinics - at Varian Arabians:

katrina sanders portrait

Discover Partnership...and get to YES!!!!

September 1, 2018

Awareness of strengths and resistances in both ourselves and our equine partners is the first step in establishing effective communication.

• Learn to recognize how biomechanics plays a vital role in your relationship

• Develop better balance, lightness and straightness

• Learn to create greater harmony and relaxation between you and yourhorse

• Come away with the outline of a CUSTOMIZED program and ongoing strategies that will help to ELIMINATE RESISTANCES in your training

• Learn to develop the LANGUAGE OF DANCE with your horse

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