2016 Varian Arabians Summer Jubilee
A Celebration of Life for Sheila Varian

August 6-7, 2016

2016 Varian Arabians Summer Jubilee


This year our Summer Jubilee will have much of the activities that people look forward to each year.  As always we will present the Varian stallions Audacious ps and Major Mac V and our offerings of "V" sale horses. You'll enjoy fabulous food including a continental breakfast and Santa Maria style BBQ lunch on Saturday and our Champagne Brunch on Sunday after the famous Varian Arabians Mare Walk. There will be educational programs throughout the weekend with two dynamic clinicians: Lester Buckley (as seen in "The First of Many" video) and national-level performance trainer Rob Bick. And you can shop til you drop at our hand-picked vendors, from high quality western jewelry to Vaquero tack.

But this year's Summer Jubilee also carries the weight of historical significance, as we will dedicate the entire weekend to celebrating the incredible life of Sheila Varian. This will be the first Summer Jubilee without her physical presence. Yet she will be with us in spirit as we celebrate her historical achievements, unforgettable stories, and the horses that fulfilled her passion. The weekend will feature first-hand stories of highlights in Sheila's life from people who were alongside her... similar to what viewers watched in "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian," but in first-hand, unedited fashion. For example, hear Dr. Wes Hoskins describe the auction where his homebred, Bay-Abi, was purchased by a young girl named Sheila Varian, and her mother Wenonah.

It will be a weekend dedicated to celebrating history, and celebrating Sheila.

We expect this event to sell out quickly with record attendance anticipated. So we are advising guests to purchase tickets early.

Looking forward to seeing you in August.

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Highlight Video from Day 1

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8:30 am       Check-in, Continental Breakfast & Open Barns, Sheila Varian Museum Open

9:30 am       Welcome by Angela Alvarez & A special appearance by Sheila’s “girlfriends,” Lisa Thompson, Kristin Reynolds & Audrey Griffin: “Come Ride with Me” ~ Sale Arena

9:45 am       Lester Buckley Seminar ~ Sale Arena

10:45 am     The Collection Sale Horses at Liberty to music, “The Stars for Tomorrow” ~ Sale Arena

11:30 am     Varian Stallion Presentation ~ Audacious ps & Major Mac V ~ followed by a re-make of the Scottsdale 2016 Presentation for Sheila by Larry Jerome….The Power of V & what it stands for.

11:45 pm     Santa Maria Style BBQ Lunch. Sheila Varian Museum open

1:30 pm       Rob Bick Seminar ~ Show Arena

2:30 pm       The Collection Sale Horses Under Saddle ~ Show Arena

3:30 pm   Carriage Driving Demonstration by Kim & Dave Henson with Sangaree Jullyen V – Show Arena

4:15 pm    Concert by Juni Fisher, Appetizers & Wine Tasting, & “Memories of Sheila” by Keynote Speakers. Share your Stories and Memories of Sheila ~ Museum open until 6pm ~ Major Mac V posters & DVD “Together is a Beautiful Place to  Be” signing by Lester Buckley

6:00 pm Farm Closes


8:30 am       Check-in & Open Barns, Sheila Varian Museum Open ~ Major Mac V posters & DVD “Together is a Beautiful Place to Be” signing by Lester Buckley

9:45 am      Rob Bick Seminar ~ Sale Arena
10:30 am     Champagne Brunch and “Memories of Sheila” by Keynote Speakers. Presentation of Audacious ps and Major Mac V in hand.

11:45 am     Presentation of Collection Horses in Sale Arena ~ Under Saddle Horses are “by request” @ 3pm

12:45 pm      Lester Buckley Seminar ~ Show Arena

1:30 pm   Famous Varian Arabians Pasture Mare Walk with Angela Alvarez & the Varian Staff.
                    Meet the legendary Varian Mares and their foals up close and personal.

3:00 pm       Open Barns, time to request to see specific horses, finalize sales and breedings. Kim & Dave Henson offering cart rides with Sangaree Jullyen V. Museum open until 4pm.

Summer Jubilee Testimonials:

Dear Sheila,
Henry and I both enjoyed so much the weekend. Thank you for treating us, very kind of you. It truly renewed me, have been feeling so discouraged by the market and most of all, the people in it! To see all kinds of folks we have never seen before there at the farm buying horses, learning and enjoying, it was refreshing. Lester was a shot in the arm....seriously we haven't sent a horse out in years and may now do this! Loved your trailer training and that gelding is a doll. Hope he got a great home . I'm inspired to ride again.  My mind is busy thinking of ways to entertain, intrigue and capture some new people with an SMF seminar. Your farm, staff and horses were all wonderful. Adored the mare walk and what a collection you have woven of such interesting characteristics. Huge accomplishment, bravo Sheila. Not only are you making a legacy of horses but the people they touch have generated a family of horsemen and women. So good to see you!
Big hug,
Christie Metz
Silver Maple Farm

Dear Sheila,
You did a wonderful job of leading Jubilee this year. Your horses are sensational, so you had plenty to talk about. But you are able to bring all that information to us with a sense of humor.

I had to miss the Mare Walk...I don't trust my old legs to that big pasture, but I watched from the sidelines. Everyone enjoys
that so. Mares and foals up close, like swimming with the Dolphins.

I think this was my 31st Varian summer event. It has had several names, but all were memorable events. I'm looking forward to the 32nd.

Thank you for another great time.

Dianne Thomas

Sheila and Angela,

Larry and I want to tell you how wonderful it was to return to Varian Arabians. Every time we visit the Spring Fling or Summer Jubilee, we end up learning way more than we expected.

Especially insightful was Sheila showing us how to gently train young horses to enter and exit trailers. Sheila, you are so amazing. You can predict what step(s) a horse will take before they do.

The friends we have made over the years, too, welcomed us with open arms. It felt like coming back home.

Sheila, you have had a difficult battle raging over the past couple of years. However, your perseverance, your determination, and your love of teaching has never suffered. Your remarkable spirit is envied by all.

Larry and I want to return to our visits...even though horses are home with us, we were reminded how wonderful visiting your ranch felt to us.

Much love from your friends,

Laurie and Larry Mira

Dear Sheila & Angela:

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for such a lovely heart felt weekend. My sister Julie & I were able to fulfill our mother's dream of coming to Varian Arabians and witness the beauty of the horses.

To say that we are excited about my Major Mac V foal this March is an understatement. In fact Julie kept sending me links to your website to take a look at this up and coming beautiful Bay Stallion. Frankly she wore me down hence that is how I finally communicated to you about the possibility of breeding.

I just wanted to let you know how touched we are by the experience of the past weekend.

P.S. Loved All the stallions, foals, mares & geldings, there wasn't one that I wouldn't of wanted to take home.

With warmest wishes, regards and love,

Dianna Smith  

Hi Sheila, The Summer Jubilee was a fabulous event, done as you always do everything, with perfection. I was glad to see you are getting your strength back and "feeling your oats"!!! I was impressed with Lester Buckley. I know on Saturday we took up a lot of his time in the afternoon. His practice with
horses is interesting. I have used some of his practices on my horses at home and have seen a big difference. He was a very nice addition to the Jubilee.
Jan Jeffers

Dear Sheila,
I have just returned home from your Summer Jubilee. Attending this event has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time and this year I made it happen. And I am so thankful I did. Meeting you and visiting your farm is something I will always treasure. I am so in awe of your way with horses.The way you and Angela and Mike get the horses to hook up with you inthe show arena was wonderful to see. I am going to work on that with my two Arabians. Your farm is beautiful, every detail is so thoroughly planned and maintained. Your history wall wall in the show barn must e a joy to visit. What a labor of love by Angela. What a lifetime of experiences with Arabian horses. I knew from publications that your horses are exceptional but to be able to experience them in person was an absolute thrill. I thank you so much for the mare walk. You and Angela, the horses, the farm will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you so much!
Joni Smith

Sheila, the Jubilee was fantastic. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the horses is an inspiration. We look forward to attending next year. Many thanks, Sherry and Leonard Ginzton

Dear Sheila,
I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the great time Ed and I had at the Summer Jubilee.  It was Ed's birthday and he was a really good sport for letting me pick his celebration.  He loves Dave Stamey and Santa Maria BBQ so he was a happy camper. He is not a horse person but has grown fond of Kal, and it turns out he has a new favorite horse. He really liked Mary Maya V.  Of all the horses that he watched she was his favorite. It is easy to see why she would appeal to someone who is intimidated by horses.  She was so sweet and friendly, an excellent example of how your horses are brought up to be so trusting. As always I could not get enough of watching all of the horses.  Each one demonstrated why it was so important to me to have a Varian Arabian of my own. I have to say that I really liked Khantina Jullyen V. She is so close to Kal's breeding with just the right tough of Jullyen added. She is truly spectcular. It makes me even more grateful that I acquired Kal when I could still afford him. He is maturing to be everything that I knew I would have with a Varian Arabian. Thank you again to you and your staff for sharing the ranch with us and making us feel so at home. I look forward to returning year after year.

Barbara Schneiderhan
San Bernadino, CA

Dear Sheila:
There we were, hundreds of us, on your Mare Walk in a giant pasture with the great Varian mares and their babies.  They were free to move at will, but most of them walked right into the crowd to collect kisses, strokes and scratches.  At one point, a group of horses broke away and ran the length of the field, only to return to the people for more petting. A lady next to me said “This is like swimming with the dolphins!”  It was.
What a wonderful event the Mare Walk has turned out to be.  Always a highlight at the Varian Summer Jubilee.  Sheila, your commentary on the mares as we walk through the pasture is so fun and informative.  We get to see where all the National Champions you have bred got their start.
That just punctuated the two seminars you gave on the five generations of your horses starting with your foundation mare, Bachantka, imported from Poland in 1961. To see many of your current horses dancing together in the arena and hear how they trace back as far as seven generations to Bachantka was mind blowing.  The organization of this event must have been a lot of work and probably kept you and Angela awake at night, but it really did work.  Also, Micki did a masterful job of preparing the pedigree charts.
 The first-ever presentation of Audacious PS at Varian Arabians was very exciting.  He is such a glamour boy, with that gorgeous face, huge dark eyes, snow white color, and long, elegant neck.  He got plenty of attention for the new kid on the block.
The other stallions, *Jullyen, Maclintock, Bravado Bey, and Bel Aire were just as exciting, especially under saddle. Then you can really see how those guys move. They just march into the arena and say “breed to me!”  I think you should consider showing them under saddle on Saturday when the crowd is largest.
Desperado still gives me goose bumps.  I’m one of the lucky ones who have watched him grow from a young colt i nto one of the most valued stallions in the breed.  He has aged, but his beauty and charisma are still very real.
Lucky are the people who bought horses that weekend. Your group of Collection Horses this year looks loaded with potential National Champions.
All of this plus the great food, fun, and the concert by Dave Stamey.  What a weekend!  Congratulations to you and your wonderful staff.
Dianne Thomas

Dear Sheila,
Whenever we have made the drive from the San Francisco Bay Area to Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande we transform into two kids at Christmas time ! Our entire ride down was full of anticipation of visiting your ranch and saying hello to your wonderful staff, seeing the horses that welcome strangers without any fear.  There is particular feeling about California, our home state, maybe it is the coastal fog in the morning or maybe it is that the Central Coast still gives us an uncanny sense of revisiting the feeling of what we cherished in our childhood.

It is a challenge to keep more than a couple of images in mind when trying to hold a pedigree and the pictures in one’s interior vision. What a terrific gift to see the pedigree lined up and alive in front of our eyes with color, movement , structure, personality, all the traits one tries to take in from paper.  We would never have been able to see any other breeder stand up the actual examples of descendants down a pedigree anywhere else, and explain her opinions, decisions, ideas and changes along the way. 

We drove back to the ranch renewed and excited about being a part of the unique world of the Arabian horse community, loving and appreciating our Arabians even more, especially, our two Varian bred horses that we purchased from you, Firefly V, her son SD Fortunate Son, and our very beautiful chestnut gelding SDA Beau Julles.  When we pulled up, we threw our arms around them all. More than precious, we couldn’t trade this time in our lives for anything in the world. We are so lucky to know you, to have you extend to us this wonderful weekend  and to be apart of some kind of magic taking place because of this trip.

Thank you Sheila, you could not know that you have had profound and wonderful influence on our lives in many ways, always.

India Burke and David Hislop

Hi Sheila,

I just wanted to say how much we appreciated your lovely hospitality, beautiful grounds, staff, food , learning tips and above all else, of course, the horses!!!  It was fantastic to remember the great "old"ones with Sheila and see what her dedication to a dream has done for her all these years.....so many have come and gone and she is still going with the same ideals and is still turning out , obviously, wonderful, winning horses!!  Really appreciated all your efforts this weekend and by the way, your staff of working guys are really friendly and helpful and certainly a good asset for your open houses!! 

Thanks again,
Sandy Chute 

Hello Sheila,
We all want to thank you for an excellent day at your beautiful ranch on Saturday.  Wow - what a place you have!  Everything was beautiful - the horses, the museum, the cozy grass (especially the bridge going to your museum barn, the food and drinks, your words, and the words of the Mike Perez on Saturday morning, the concert - my gosh, what an entertainer Dave Stamey is!  But especially seeing Desperado playing with his music was the most touching.  So many memories you must have with him....a truly noble stallion he is.
We cannot thank you enough.

Take care,
Terry Polk

Dear Shelia,

I just wanted to thank you for the invitation this past weekend.  We
both enjoyed ourselves immensely and wished that we were in the
market (and league) for one of your beauties.  My mom fell in love
with Mary Maya.  I hope it was a successful weekend for
you.  Everything was just perfect: the food, the atmosphere, the
flowers, the weather, the horses and the host!!  And, of course, I
cried when Desperado came out.  What a gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!

I hope to see you again soon.  Perhaps we can get a ride organized
before Labor Day Weekend.

All my best,
Martina Svennungsen

The Summer Jubilee was terrific as always, and Marc commented that he thought it was even better than past Varian events we have attended.  I guess I always just expect nothing but the very best from you and take it somewhat for granted; I shouldn't, thank you for a grand time!

Barbara Moritsch

Dear Sheila,

Your Summer Jubilee could not have been any better. And your hospitality, gracious way, and kind words to me, my family and friends was off the charts.

Thank you for allowing me to hold our Legion of Honor at your event. Stetson was in his element and I know he enjoyed the whole thing. There was a no more perfect time or perfect spot to present him with his award. People were impressed. All around me I heard comments of how lovely it was to celebrate the accomplishments of an older Varian Arabian. Others were pleased to see a 13 year old using horse. I was asked numerous times if he was for sale.

There is not enough space on a note to share what is in my heart. You hold a special place there and always will. See you at the V6!

Kathleen Green

Hi: So nice to get your email. I have a "Legacy of Gold" daughter I am in the process of having bred to "Maclintock V". I am very excited about the outcome of this cross. I always enjoy your DVD's and it is my dream to own a Varian mare in the near future-(I particularly loved Melina NA). I have researched many bloodlines for the past 4 yrs., after I acquired my "Legacy" filly. I knew one day I would want to breed her. All the Varian horses have such consistency in every characteristic of what I consider to be the perfect Arabian horse. I look forward to visiting your farm.

Thanks again,
Donna Fields

Dear Sheila,
Just a note of thanks for your sales DVD! Your breeding program continues to surpass the norm. You even have horses with true dressage gaits and suspension!
Regards, Laura Habisreitanger

Sheila, Angela & Staff, Just a short note to try to express my thanks for a wonderful weekend. I will be able to dream for many years to come of the beautiful mares, wonderful facilities, and generous owners. You are to be congratulated for sharing your special part of paradise. Heaven can't be any nicer.

Many thanks for everything,
Rick Hill

Dear Sheila,

Wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my day at your ranch on Saturday, Aug 11th. Horses were beautiful, food was great, ranch was impeccable, people very friendly, weather great--a truly, trulyfine day. My only regret was that I didn't get to do the "mare walk", but I will next year.

I am an equine artist and was thumbing through an old AHW looking for a nice background for a painting when I came across your Spring Fling advertisement. I thought that would be a fun day, and I could get some nice photos to work from, so I checked it out at your website and found out it was that day. So I immediately signed up for the Jubilee. Besides, it has been 43 years since I was at your ranch! I still wonder how my life would have changed if I had purchased the bay mare that you offered. She had a foal at her side, and was bred (to Bay Abi I think), for $1,000. I saw the 3 Polish mares and seem to remember that there was a hill next to the barn. What a change! But I was raised that you, "went to school, became a secretary, got married, and had kids." And I did those things. Now, I truly regret that I didn't keep horses in my life--so now I venture to Arroyo Grande to see yours!

It was nice seeing Amazing Grace -- the last time I saw her she was in a big filly class at Santa Rosa, Region III I believe. That's when Bey Elegance was in the 26-mare halter class and we all waited for her to be judged--she was at the end of the line. Forget all the others.

Shirley Isola

Hey Sheila and Amazing Crew!

Thank you for once again giving us such a gift.

You know there are some of us who will never be able to have a "V" in our barn and in cases like mine, most likely will never have another horse at all. But thank you for making it clear that we are still part of the family. We are the ones who compensate by buying hats, jackets, vests, videos, and all the rest. We are ones who come twice a year and bask in the healing atmosphere of Varian Arabians, who soak up every word you say and strive to apply your honesty, wisdom, fire and energy to our lives. We read every bit of information on your history walls, walk the pastures to view your legendary mares and feel our hearts skip a beat when your magnificent stallions step into view. We clap loudly and with as much passion as any horse owner.

The biggest thrill for me is the broodmares. Such beauty, grace and dignity in these magnificent, mystical creatures who quietly live their lives, producing their babies which keep the fires burning and whose power is more subtle but oh so strong and pure. I found myself staying away from the crowd for much of the time, choosing to hear the wind in the trees as I watched the mares. I walked way up the road and took photos of Bachista and her companions there, remembering all I have learned about her over the years. and spent time scratching Sweet Shalimar, feeling such longing for her and bittersweet feelings about the posibility of her leaving the ranch. Your words on that subject helped me put it in better perspective. The broodmare walk is magical, for me, these are my stars.

I DID weep for Desperado, thank you for opening your heart and soul to us.

So, even though I will never have a "V" in my barn, thank you for allowing me to be part of your family, a honor I do not take lightly.

'til next time, thank you,

Dallas Jackson
Pacifica, California

Thanks so much, Sheila - it was another wonderful weekend, & a fabulous
visit with Obsidian Silk, & of course enjoyed all the Varian collection
horses & stallions; also really appreciated the opportunity to take in the
training seminars & meet with these wonderful trainers. Hope you're having
a wonderful holiday in the BAT now!

Very best,

Starfish Lavender Farm
Cobble Hill, BC

Dear Sheila, Angela and staff,

Thank you so much for the high light of my summer. It is so wonderful to come and visit your beautiful ranch and enjoy the wonderful horses.
I am ecstatic that a book about Varian's will finally be published. Thank goodness for those people who took the bull by the horns. Sheila, I must say you have failed on the book thing! I have begged, pleaded, written ad nauseum and still no book. So halleluia for Mike V. for getting this done! Now my next worry is that you will edit out too much. Well, at least you are good with horses!!!!! (I am teasing you!)

Thank you for all of the beautiful preparations, seminars, etc. I realize it was lots of work. I very much enjoyed Liz and of course Mike. I am never disappointed with the beautiful horses. They just renew me with their beauty. Sheila, you have a new Dave Stamey convert. I bought the album with Pretty Pauline as I really liked that song. Well, my husband and I both enjoyed the rest of the album all the way home!

Hoping to be there summer and spring of next year.

Thank you again,
Barbara Beck

PS Thanks Angela, for the lovely bathrooms!

Dear Sheila,
Thank you for the wonderful weekend! It's always fun to see how the breeding program is progressing. Your stories and insights always come a a critical time for me. I really apprecate all the work you and your staff do to make it such a nice event.

Best Wishes,
Gayle Reis

Dear Sheila:
For twenty three years you've been hosting these wonderful summer events, and for twenty three years I've been attending. You'd think they would get boring, but every year you seem to kick it up a notch. I just walk around with a smile on my face so happy to be there and to watch your beautiful Arabian horses in action.

You and Angela and Micki and the rest of the Varian staff do such a professional job you make it all seem easy. I'm sure it's not! But you put all your guests at ease. We enjoy your words of wisdom, the seminars, the funny things that happen, the food, the wine, and most of all, the horses.

Being there is good for my soul. That should be your mantra: VARIAN ARABIANS, GOOD FOR THE SOUL.

Thank you again, and love to all.

Dianne Thomas

Another spectacular event at Varians! Kudos to you and your staff. Everything was picture perfect and Liz Bentley's presentations were superb. She's a lovely person who knows how to keep it real. Thank you for including her in your phenomenal program.

Beth Conti
major mac v interior concho  windy bey v interior conchos