Varian Arabians

2024 Julie Cross  Clinic

Building your Horses Power through Riding Straight Lines and Circles

May 18-19, 2024


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If you think of it…every maneuver you do with your horse is in combination of straight lines or circles (including a straight halt or sliding stop). 

This is accomplished through the understanding of where the power in your horse comes from. This course will enable you to develop the understanding of a straight line and what varying diameters of circles feel like in order to maintain balance. 

How to “steer” your horse by using the most subtle of ques.

The power comes from the hind quarters. You will feel when your horse is imbalanced during transitions which put your horse on the fore quarters.

You’ll learn through feel when your horse is imbalanced through turns on the Hind Quarters and Fore quarters. 

Learning and observing in a group setting enables you to help support each other and observe /trouble shoot an imbalanced maneuver.

  • Clinic is limited to 8 riders
  • Cost for two days of coaching = $410.00
  • Overnight boarding is available
  • Overnight dry camping is available


Deposits:  Stephanie Brown $210. chk



Featured lodging:

Casa de Alvarez
Guesthouse, Sleeps 4

Short term rental  ½ mile from the Varian Ranch.


View more information and other locations on our lodging page.

About Julie:

julie cross clinic

In my early teens, I was lucky to have parents that recognized that I needed a horse to coax me out of my shyness. It worked! I was involved in FAA shows and projects with my horse. Early on I competed in Hunter Jumpers, Halter, English and Western Pleasure. As time evolved I found that I wanted to bring out the best in my horses natural talents since I had a variety of breeds and color breed horses.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend countless hours riding with professionals and equestrians that have inspired my continued goals. I have thousands of hours participating in and at Horse Expo’s, seminars and demonstrations. I believe there should be a balance of ground skills as well as riding and a respect for leadership.

What I focus on is the rider riding the whole horse, creating a mental and physical connection. What is helpful is to have goals whether it is in the Western or English disciplines…find what fits you. I have had the good fortune of being mentored by a select few horseman.

I have owned and learned from many breeds of horses. An Arabian horse has been the most consistent breed I have had. I have had a Padron son, Khemosabi ++++// grandson and a son of Maclintock V, “Jamboree V”.  I‘ve found that the Arabian horse is the most versatile breed for what I want. (Cow work, Dressage, Reining and trail riding)

This is where I am attracted to Western Dressage. It takes so many equestrian specialties into account and offers a spirit of encouragement. After all, the competition is between me and my horse, not so much for the ribbon.

I completed and passed the education and requirements to be a  U.S.E.F, “r” Licensed Official in Western Dressage.

Julie Renfro-Cross

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