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The First of Many - DVD

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The First of Many” Featuring Lester Buckley and Major Mac V

One of Sheila’s last requests was to see Major Mac V ridden out on the Biddle in a California hackamore… no show ring, no bit, no arena. Just the hills, the grass, and a Vaquero hackamore. Lester Buckley flew out to fulfill that wish. The moment was captured on film for Sheila to watch from home. She watched it over and over again that week, reveling in what she was seeing. It made her heart happy. She passed away the following Sunday morning. She wanted it to be shared with you, completely unaltered in the exact version she watched herself, except that she wanted Lester to add voiceover. The result was magical. It has been called “breathtaking, heart-wrenching, inspiring… like watching all of history in a single ride.” Like Sheila, it is very practical, and yet the lessons and stories are equally emotional. It is perhaps Sheila’s most crowning achievement, and her most valuable lesson of all.

Running time: 25 minutes