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Sheila Varian - Tribute Book

The Vaquero Tradition

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The Vaquero Tradition: Hackamore, 2 Rein, Spade Bit with Sheila Varian at the Santa Ynez Historical Society, 2004

This informative and lively new film was made in November 2004 and features Sheila Varian demonstrating the Vaquero methods of training using her horses Murietta V and Lightly Bey V, and features cameo appearances by good friends of Sheila's such as Ernie Morris, a well known Vaquero artisan.  As one of the few people who is knowledgeable in the old time California techniques, Sheila takes the viewer step by step through the tradition of the Hackamore, Two Rein, and Spade Bit and explains how she trains her horses using this historic method.

Approx. 1 1/4 Hrs.