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Sheila Varian - Tribute Book

Continuing the Vaquero Tradition

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Continuing The Vaquero Tradition With Sheila Varian

Envisioned as a complementary video to the original Vaquero Tradition DVD, Sheila Varian revisits the Historic Santa Ynez Mission in 2013 and shares even more of her knowledge of the California vaquero methods. Along with good friend and well-known vaquero author, craftsman and artist Ernie Morris, Sheila shares how she applies these methods to the training of her own horses and shares some of the history of the methods. Demonstrating on her ranch horse Jubilation,  Sheila takes the audience step by step through the old time techniques of the vaquero methods.  This video is both an educational tool as well as a rare resource for those interested in preserving the California vaquero tradition.

Runtime: Approximately 46 mins.