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A Long Way to Go

David backed the trailer into the open area at the trail head, insuring that we could get out when we left, and leaving plenty of room for anybody else that might show up at Eagle Creek. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. Eagle creek is a great first ride for a young horse. It's a pretty boring road ride, but beautiful, and not very well known, ...

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Commotion V: In the Beginning

Jaime handed me the reins and I reached up and stroked his long brown neck. His eyes were alert and bright. He looked at me straight. Little perfect ears pointing forward. "He's a little hotter than what you're used to" Sheila said. I raised my eyebrows to her. "His breeding is for the show ring, he's a trotting horse. His bloodline can be pretty h...

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A Journey Begins

Seven degrees this morning. Looking out the window at the white landscape as the sun came up, I said to myself, "hey, I'm not the only one out there that can't ride all winter!" I don't have a toasty indoor arena, and I'm really not much into arena riding anyway. Sure, I sometimes like to work on precise skills and break things down to practice and...

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Early Memories of Bay-Abi

I helped my Dad farm our leased 160 acres with draft horses; now the Palouse is farmed with machines and the units are in two thousand acres. For years I made house calls in my Chevy with a black bag; now an emergency house call results in four EMTs, three firemen and two big rigs with flashing lights. I knew Sheila Varian when she had two Arabian ...

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