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Boarding - at Varian ArabiansIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to find boarding options that are consistently dependable for the physical and mental well-beings of horses. At Varian Arabians, horse owners can rest easy knowing that their horses are not only receiving the highest level of care available, but are also happy and peaceful in the bucolic barns and pastures of Varian Arabians. Below you’ll find a list of options to fit your needs.

Boarding for Young Horses
It is possible there are few facilities in the world that are a better environment for a young horse to grow up in. Young colts can grow up and learn to be a horse on Varian Arabian’s famous “Colt Hill,” where several of the most recognized stallion names in the Arabian horse industry called home as a yearling and two-year-old. But perhaps the best part? They develop a solid mental foundation with gentle handling and ground training from Mike Perez "the Varian Way" so that they will start their riding careers ready to learn, train, and trust.

Horses of any age are, of course, welcome at Varian Arabians, and all breeds are welcome. Stallions are also welcome, though in limited availability. Please email Angela for availability, services, and pricing.

Boarding for Stallions at Stud

Varian Arabians ranks among the top stallion stations in the world for care and handling, professionalism, and proficiency in collection and shipped semen around the world. Limited availability. 

Contact Angela - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (805) 489-5802

2023 Boarding Rates:

Subject to Increases due to the rise of Feed, Bedding, Labor & Ins. costs

***Single Horse: 
$16.50/day pasture; $20.50/day paddock, lights from 4-11pm $1/DAY - $30.00 stall $1 a day w/daily turnout -  w/repro lights 4-11pm daily $1/day these are additional fees to the daily rate.

$32.50- Colt/Stallion stall board - includes stall &/daily turnout 

Horses on Grass Hay - $3 a day additional – Lunch (= 3 x a day feeding) $2.50 a day additional - Shavings/Straw in paddocks - $2.50 a day additional

Horses on special grain/supplements/medications (that are supplied by owner) will be charged an Admin. Fee of $1 - $2 daily. This will be based on how many times a day given.

Foal:  $5/day pasture or paddock from birth to 3 months - $6 day at 4 months old until weaned once the foal is weaned it will be billed at single horse rate.

Ground Training with Mike Perez - $32 a day which includes board fee.

Foaling:  $650.00 – Stallion collection $75 – Mare insemination - $25

Other Charges: 

Photographic/Video Preparation and handling fee: $100.00 for each. (In hand halter/loose or under saddle shots. Photographer fee- depends on photographer.

Body clipping: $175.00 & up.

Seller's Agent Fee: 15% of sale price, payable at time of completed sale.



Visit the Varian Equestrian Center website for information.


Additional services including vaccinations, farrier, supplements, transport, training, lessons and more are available too.

Interested? Contact Angela  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (805) 441.1229



Boarding Testimonials

Sophia El Jullyen VI keep most of my “small but mighty herd” at Varian Arabians. I own or have owned four horses that were trained there and have had two foals born there over the years. As someone who needs to board my horses, there is absolutely nowhere I would rather have them.

The farm offers the best feed to be found and the care is the finest I have ever known. The staff is not only highly qualified but truly love their jobs and that love is obvious when you spend time with any of them. One day I was present as they moved a group of about six young fillies from the paddocks where they had been sheltered during a storm back to the pastures they love so. They did not simply move the fillies and leave. They stood for several minutes, very quietly watching and I realized they were scanning the herd, watching for any signal of anything that might need attention. They did not leave until they were satisfied all was well. It was just a reminder of how seriously they take their work. No matter how busy they are, and I cannot stress this enough,
they are always willing to discuss whatever is on my mind, no matter how small the matter may seem. Best of all, they truly listen to my plans, hopes, ideas and frequent worries.

For me, it is important that I not have to worry about the day to day care of my girls. I love that the farm schedules the trimming, worming, vaccinations etc. A detailed monthly invoice is a summary of everything that happened during the month. I can’t stress how much I appreciate it. Just look at the sales pages on the Varian Arabians website. The amount of work that is put into it and all the detail those pages contain is amazing, another reflection of the commitment this farm makes to every aspect of the horses in their care. I feel fortunate to be part of the Varian family of boarders and all the history and legacy of Sheila Varian that comes with having my girls at this wonderful place.

 ~ Dallas Jackson

“Varian Arabians is a world class ranch.  The facility is beautiful and well maintained.  The staff is excellent, because each member of the team is well-trained and experienced.  Most importantly, the team takes pride in being the best they can be.  That includes everyone from the stall cleaners to Angela Alvarez who personally oversees every aspect of the operation. I’ve been boarding horses at Varian Arabians since 2009. I board two broodmares and three young horses at the farm. The peace of mind in knowing that I have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to my horses’ quality of life and safety is beyond priceless.”

  ~ Sherry Conrads

I am so grateful to be boarding my horses at Varian Arabians.  As a long-time client and boarder, I am extremely happy with how kindly all my horses are treated and how happy they are, from my newborn foals and their moms, and my young, under-saddle stallion, to my aged mares.  The Staff makes sure each one receives the finest care and training.  I have such a sense of peace having my horses at Varian.

~ Mary Page

"It has been an honor for me to have Varian Arabians care for my horses in many capacities for years. This includes breeding, foaling, pasture board, and training from halter lessons of a weanling to starting young horses under saddle. The experience on all levels has been gratifying! Furthermore, I have a flourishing private practice that keeps me extremely busy and knowing that my horses are under the guidance and care of Angela Alvarez of Varian Arabians puts my mind at ease. I feel fortunate for the opportunity of having my horses raised the Varian way.

~ Matt Gee

"I have had my horses at Varian Arabians for several years, and above all else, they treat my horses like they are part of the family. My horses have excelled under Jaime Hernandez's training and also with Mike Perez. And all of the staff see that my horses needs are always put first just as they do with the Varian herd.

~ Dianne Peltak


"Varian Arabians has an outstanding reputation for excellence in everything. I purchased Sequoia Jullyen V, who was born and raised at Varian Arabians. In 2013, I bred her to Audacious ps. Her first filly, Sweet Shenandoah, was born on my birthday 3/22/2014. The breeding process was seamless due to the perfection and quality of her care at Varian's. I would not consider boarding my horses anywhere else. I consider the Varian Ranch a sanctuary. Their care, training, grooming and medical attention have been outstanding. No question as to the value I have received. The management under Sheila and Angela, professional employees, and new friends I have met have made this an experience of a lifetime. They take better care of my horses than I do of myself!"

~ Debby Stevenot

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