Major Mac V

(Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA)
Bay Stallion
Foaled 04/11/12

Stud Fee - LFG:
Purebred - $1850
Half-Arabian - $1250

Return breeders or breeding more then one mare to a Varian Stallion $1600

For mulitple breeding discounts please contact Angela directly. 


Major Mac V brings to Varian Arabians the next step in our stallion line that is so valuable in all aspects to the Arabian breed.  We have watched Major Mac V since he was foaled with the hopes that he might grow to be the very important next step in our stallion line. 

Our highest hopes are proving true. Major Mac V has sired progeny that are true to his royal heritage, and already enjoys a worldwide following, without having stepped foot in a show ring. And he never will.

Thoughts from Sheila...

In 1959 we purchased Bay-Abi++ as a two year old stallion and in 1961 he earned US National Champion Stallion and the generations of great stallions bred by Varian Arabians began. 

Now 55 years later we very proudly present Major Mac V, a young stallion that carries the blood of 6 generations in direct line of Varian bred stallions beginning with Bay-Abi++.


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Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA, Foaled 04/11/12 - AHA #  657503    15 hands tall

Color:  Black bay, 4 white stockings, narrow strip in face. As confirmed by genetic color testing at VetGen labs,  Major Mac V carries the black gene and will not sire a chestnut, but will sire black.

Conformation: Starting from the ground: even round feet, short cannon bones with excellent size of bone.

Shoulder, Barrel and Hip: All in balance and conformed to perform any Western  or Hunter discipline. 

Tail: straight and carried well.

Head and Neck: Beautiful face with outstanding type, large eyes and small tipped ears. 
Moderately long, refined neck, clean throat latch with long poll and soft for ease of bridling.

Motion:  Very strong movement with very good lift and follow through of hocks.  

Temperament: Sweet minded, easy to handle, very responsive and brave.  

Breeding Info:

Major Mac V's fertility as a young stallion is exceptional both on the farm and with transported semen. He bred 60 mares as a 3 year old with a 96% conception rate. His average collection is between 14-19 billion motile sperm at 80% motility.




Nomination for Breeders Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Region 12 Spotlight and AWPA.

Stud Fee:

Purebred $1,850 - Multiple Mare Discount $1,600   
Half-Arab/Anglo Arab - $1,200

Multiple Mare Discounts can be a combination of stallions or one stallion and 2 or more mares


2017 Scottsdale In-Hand Presentation at RBC Show Horses Stables

2017 Scottsdale Under-Saddle Presentation


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Major Mac V  - Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you. I'm so glad Crystal was bred to Major Mac V. MacJestic Prince, aka "Prince," is all I could hope for. He loves attention and always comes over to greet us. He's good about haltering, leading and having his hooves cleaned. What I am happiest about is his calm demeanor. When Crystal is running around because of a noise, Prince just stands in his paddock and watches her.  He has brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you again.

~ Sheila Kirkland 
Sheila Kirkland's Major Mac V colt
SLK Macjestic Prince
(Major Mac V x HYR Midnite Crystal)
2017 Bay Colt






Major Mac VLike


Major Mac VLike

Major Mac V is the culmination of Varian's 60 years of breeding, possessing a unique combination of 5 paternal greats. Click below. Stud Fee: $1,650
People continuously ask, β€œWhy are the Varian horses so gentle to handle on the ground and train so well under saddle?” Showing people while explaining the answer to that question is the basis for our intense 2 day Hands-On Clinic, Saturday, April 21 & Sunday, April 22, 2018. Learn, enjoy, and see the amazing stallions at Varian Arabians including the one and only - Major Mac V. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V: Making 67 dreams come true in 2018! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‡ #TakingHisPlace http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ
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#SoulSunday - "The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." ~ Arabian Proverb #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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TGIF: According to the Harvard Health Newsletter, there are at least five potential benefits of spending more time outdoors: Your vitamin D levels will go up - this is a proven anti-aging plan. You'll get more exercise, especially if you're a child - or act like one. You'll be happier, especially if your exercise is 'green' - spending time with your Arabian horse is as green as it gets. Your concentration will improve - focus on your horse. You may heal faster - horses heal us - body, heart & soul. Major Mac V says, "Get outside!" #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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The place to be... The Varian Arabians Hands-On Clinic will take place at the ranch, which lies among the gently rolling hills of the Central Coast of California - only 1-1/2 hours north of Santa Barbara and fifteen minutes south of San Luis Obispo. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the hospitality and to see the incredible line up of stallions available at Varian Arabians including Major Mac V. Register today and learn more by visiting www.varianarabians.com
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We are feeling the Scottsdale FEVER! Remembering the great memories from last year when Major Mac V was publicly presented. Enjoy this great photo by Brandon Bessey of #MajorMacV examining his banner at Scottsdale. It was an epic moment. And the photo does not show the throng of people following him back to the stalls! ... which he took in perfect stride, no surprise.
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#SoulSunday - Glory in each day for we know not the hour we are called. So enjoy the things that fill your heart and soul with joy like the beauty of a sunset shared with a friend... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#TGIF: Chocolate - rich, dark chocolate it's always a good idea. You know you want to... Major Mac V - he's waiting for you.... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Looking forward to 2018! Here's something we can all look forward to, the Varian Arabians Hands-On Clinic. Join top horsemen for coaching and instruction to take your skills to the next level. You'll have a great time and your horse will thank you. Enjoy this educational experience as well as warm hospitality, wonderful food, fun people, and of course the gorgeous stallions who call Varian Arabians home - including the one and only - Major Mac V. Learn more and register to attend at www.varianarabians.com #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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"Believe you can, and you're halfway there." | Teddy Roosevelt #MotivationMonday #MajorMacV Maupin Photo
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#SoulSunday - You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That's what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder... What can heaven offer any better then what I have here on earth? ~ Monica Dickens #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#TGIF - Happy New Year from Major Mac V - Our New Year resolution is to spend more quality time together... What's yours? #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Save the Date! Don't miss this fun-packed weekend at Varian Arabians. Join us for our Hands-On-Clinic featuring top experts including Lester Buckley, Brett and Marjie Beck, Jaime Hernandez and Mike Perez. Enjoy the learning experience, great hospitality, and of course visit with the stallions standing at Varian Arabians including Major Mac V. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Make 2018 your year to shine! Happy New Year from #MajorMacV and all of us at Varian Arabians!
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#SoulSunday - β€œHe was mastered by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle,... expressing itself in movement, flying exultantly under the stars.” ― Jack London #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Sale Horse Spotlight: CALENDAR SUN V (HA Toskcan Sun x Calendar Girl V by Bravado Bey V) Bay Gelding - DOB: 03/06/14 - AHA # 663441 Today, Major Mac V is sharing the spotlight with this wonderful Varian bred gelding - Calendar Sun V. This young gelding just got his start under saddle with our very own Jaime Hernandez and he is already in the ribbons, which is just a glimmer of the bright future ahead. Calendar Sun V is handsome, athletic, talented and has a great attitude. He will make a super performance mount for open or amateur. Priced at $35,000. Visit his page on the Varian website to see his video. at www.varianarabians.com #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace #VarianArabians
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: OVER THE MOON V (Major Mac V x G Olympia Al Amir) 2017 Black Filly - AHA # 673895 Hello pretty girl! Over The Moon V is a beautiful filly - soon to be a yearling. Her heritage suggests she will be a good athlete and later a fine broodmare. Her sire Major Mac V has proven time and again that he nicks beautifully with mares from the Ali Jamaal family. Her dam, G Olympia Al Amir, is by Amir Jamaal, and therefore a granddaughter of Ali Jamaal. Sheila loved combining the athletic ability of her Huckleberry Bey lines with the exotic beauty of the Jamaal lines. The combination was pure magic! Over The Moon is Scottsdale Signature Stallion nominated and pried at $23,000. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote of the Day - Rachael Venables, "My wish is to have a Varian bred horse. One day, even if I am old and grey, I want one. I have always cherished my talks with Shelia at the Scottsdale show. Some day it will happen." Breed one or buy one - but keep the dream alive and it will happen! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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If your new year resolution is to improve your horsemanship or to strengthen your relationship with your horse, consider joining us for the 2018 Varian Arabian Hands-On Clinic. In addition to a learning from top experts, you will have a lot of fun, meet great people, and of course see exceptional horses including Major Mac V. We can't wait to welcome YOU. Learn more about this wonderful educational opportunity by visiting the Varian Arabians website... www.varianarabians.con
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Merry Christmas from all of us at Varian Arabians!
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