Major Mac V
 Major Mac V brings to Varian Arabians the next step in our stallion line that is so valuable in all aspects to the Arabian breed.  We have watched Major Mac V since he was foaled with the hopes that he might grow to be the very important next step in our stallion line. 

Our highest hopes are proving true. Major Mac V has sired progeny that are true to his royal heritage, and already enjoys a worldwide following, without having stepped foot in a show ring. And he never will.

Thoughts from Sheila...
In 1959 we purchased Bay-Abi++ as a two year old stallion and in 1961 he earned US National Champion Stallion and the generations of great stallions bred by Varian Arabians began. 

Now 55 years later we very proudly present Major Mac V, a young stallion that carries the blood of 6 generations in direct line of Varian bred stallions beginning with Bay-Abi++.


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Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA, Foaled 04/11/12
Color:  Black bay, 4 white stockings, narrow strip in face. As confirmed by genetic color testing at VetGen labs,  Major Mac V carries the black gene and will not sire a chestnut, but will sire black.

Conformation: Starting from the ground: even round feet, short cannon bones with excellent size of bone.

Shoulder, Barrel and Hip: All in balance and conformed to perform any Western  or Hunter discipline. 

Tail: straight and carried well.

Head and Neck: Beautiful face with outstanding type, large eyes and small tipped ears. 
Moderately long, refined neck, clean throat latch with long poll and soft for ease of bridling.

Motion:  Very strong movement with very good lift and follow through of hocks.  

Temperament: Sweet minded, easy to handle, very responsive and brave.  

Breeding Info:

Major Mac V's fertility as a young stallion is exceptional both on the farm and with transported semen. He bred 60 mares as a 3 year old with a 96% conception rate. His average collection is between 14-19 billion motile sperm at 80% motility.




Nomination for Breeders Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Region 12 Spotlight and AWPA.

Stud Fee:

Purebred $1,850 - Multiple Mare Discount $1,600   
Half-Arab/Anglo Arab - $1,200

Multiple Mare Discounts can be a combination of stallions or one stallion and 2 or more mares


2017 Scottsdale In-Hand Presentation at RBC Show Horses Stables

2017 Scottsdale Under-Saddle Presentation


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Maclintock V

 Sire: Maclintock V who is loved by everyone that yearns for an athletic, strong, stallion with 8 inch bone and substance yet remaining refined in neck and face with gorgeous black bay coloring and perfect markings.


Dam: Out of Majors Tiffany GA, brings out crossed blood through her pedigree to broaden our gene pool.  Majors Tiffany is the type of mare that one would want to produce a colt of the importance of Major Mac V.




Major Mac VLike

#SoulSunday: “There is a life force that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham - So dance! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaddleUpSaturday - Major Mac V and Lester Buckley showing us how to start out a young horse the right way. For many owners, there is no closer union with your horse than working together as a team like this. Varian horses are working horses, beautiful working horses. More than five generations of Sheila's breeding have created horses with the mind, the desire, and the ability to perform as beautifully demonstrated by Major Mac V. It's Saturday - saddle up your Arabian and make it a good day... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Shoutout to Brandon Bessey – the talent who created the beloved photos of #MajorMacV and Lester Buckley at the Biddle – for working hard at The Varian Way Weekend, alongside resident photographer Sherry Conrads (who captured this pic of Brandon), to document the historic event. Thank you, Brandon and Sherry, for capturing the moment so beautifully every time! Your dedication shines through, and we love you both dearly.
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Featured Horse of the Week: KASHMIR NA (Bravado Bey V x *Kwestura PASB, by Monogramm) Grey Mare Foaled 06/21/04, bred by Nichols Arabians KASHMIR NA - a true princess - a daughter of Arabian horse royalty... Kashmir Na is out of the one and only international champion *Kwestura PASB, who has been one of the most important Polish mares leased to America. *Kwestura was US National Champion Mare, twice European Champion Mare, and World Champion Mare by age 14. *Kwestura purchased at the Pride of Poland Sale for $1,662,000, at age 19. She was the All Nations Cup Gold Champion, as well as winning the title of Platinum Champion at the World Championships in Paris. To say she is one of the most decorated mares in the world is an understatement. Kashmir is sired by Bravado Bey V, who offers his exceptional pedigree and athletic ability in the English division, as well as wins in halter. The combination of Bravado Bey V and *Kwestura PASB is terrific, to say the least. Kashmir NA is already a National winner producer as her daughter Kapricious V is a U.S. Top Ten Year Old Filly. Most of her offspring have sold as yearlings. Kashmir NA is priced at $22K for a 3-in-1 package - Kashmir NA, her 2018 foal by Major Mac V, and her 2017 Kahil Al Shaqab colt at side, Kingston V. Price is $18K for 2 in 1 package - Kashmir NA in foal to Major Mac V - which DOES NOT include Kingston V. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote Of The Day: Alicia Ann Bigelow, "My Major Mac V foal due next year (2018) is out of a Khemosabi great grand daughter by Khutlass. Im so excited!!!" Alicia Ann Bigelow, surely, Sheila is smiling down on you. Congratulations on joining the Varian family and thank you for entrusting your precious mare to Major Mac V. We can't wait to hear all about your foal when it arrives. Best wishes! (Pictured is a 2015 filly sired by Major Mac V) #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Progeny Spotlight: Meet ARROYO MAC V, a 2017 colt sired by Major Mac V and out of Ala Modina (Enzo x Bask Ala Flame). The cross of the Varian bloodlines with those of Padrons Psyche - in this case through his son Enzo - has been very successful. The blending of Russian lines with Polish and Crabbet has produced national champions in both halter and performance. These are doing horses. Yes they are beautiful, but they also have the desire and ability to perform. Arroyo Mac V is destined to be a star... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V shared Varian Arabians's live video.
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#SoulSunday - There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse. ~ Robert Smith Surtees, 1853. Some things will never change - thank goodness... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaturdaySojourn - Major Mac V - he's all business when he's working. But in the back of his mind, he's thinking... more mares! We wish to thank all the mare owners who selected Major Mac V for your precious mare. Did you breed your mare to Major Mac V? Tell us about her and describe your dream foal... Go! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Ron Copple, Featured Clinician at the Varian Way Weekend, kept saying, "I love this horse; I can't believe I get to ride this horse." We understand the sentiment. #MajorMacV #Legend
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userimgMajor Mac V shared Varian Arabians's live video.
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Featured Horse of the Week: SIR BLACKJACK MAC V Major Mac V x Satine IA (QR Excel x Psyches Euphoria) 2017 Black Colt - Are you ready to fall in love? Just when we think we have seen the best from Major Mac V, he surprises us yet again. Sir Blackjack Mac V is a truly incredible colt. He has it all - type, conformation, carriage, and attitude - all topped off with his dramatic coloring. We believe he is destined to be a super star. We are so proud of Major Mac V and his beautiful foals. Thank you to everyone who has supported this great young sire who was bred by Sheila Varian to carry on her legacy... Long Live the V! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote Of The Day: Vicki Wisher, "I've been under his (Major Mac V) spell since the first time seeing him in the flesh . . . he epitomizes all that is the Varian Arabian . . . beauty, power, intelligence, and a wonderful temperament. And now he's proving to be a sire extraordinaire. ♥♥" Major mac V - a breathtaking stallion, a powerful sire - you can believe in... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#MajorMacV - Thank you to all who attended our event this past weekend - The Varian Way Weekend" was a success thanks to all of you. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue the Sheila Varian's legacy, to share our passion for the Arabian horse, and to present stallions of Sheila's breeding program, and others, including Sheila's pride and joy, Major Mac V and a few of his offspring. He is one special stallion... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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He is becoming the Genetic Giant and Siring Extraordinaire the Sheila foresaw. His legacy is being carved with each new, astounding foal. #MajorMacV #PrinceOfV http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ
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#SoulSunday - “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never been hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, and Live like it's heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaturdaySojourn - Major Mac V welcomes everyone to The Varian Way Weekend held today, August 5th, and tomorrow, August 6th, at Varian Arabians Ranch in Arroyo Grande, California. We want to thank everyone who joined us this weekend and we extend an invitation to those who could not attend to visit us soon. How far would you travel to meet Major Mac V? He's here waiting for you! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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New Zealand, Vermont, the Netherlands, Rhode Island, NYC, Spain, England, Australia, all parts of the USA... his impact is incalculable. #MajorMacV
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Featured Horse of the Week: SHANIA MAC V 2017 Bay Filly Little Shania Mac V is sired by Major Mac V and is out of the mare Shahmaara by National Champion Om El Shahmaan from the world famous Om El Arab breeding program. Shania combines the best of Sheila Varian's breeding program with the best of Sigi Siller's program. Together these two power house women created dynasties of international importance that will influence the Arabian breed for centuries. You can be part of this historical legacy and preserve it for future generations with Shania Mac V. Who wants to join Sheila and Sigi and create the next generation of greatness? Imagine the possibilities... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote Of The Day: Cynthia Watkins Raysser, "Sheila's legacy is strong in this beautiful boy, Major Mac V. Her breeding program produced some of my favorite horses." The natural, classic beauty, athletic ability, and kind character of Major Mac V has won the hearts of people around the world. Who is your all time favorite Varian horse and why? We would love to hear from YOU! Long live the V! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#TheVarianWay - Shelia Varian created a "Look" with her horses. They are unmistakably Arabian, classically beautiful, athletic, graceful, yet powerful, and always kind. She also had a very specific way of working with horses, training them, guiding them to their full potential. We coined this, "The Varian Way." Major Mac V will be presented this weekend at the upcoming event, "The Varian Way Weekend" on Saturday, August 5 and Sunday 6, 2017. Don't miss this opportunity to visit with Major Mac and some of his very special offspring. We look forward to welcoming you. The full schedule is on the Varian Arabians website under "Events". #TheVarianWay #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SoulSunday - The horse, the horse! His silhouette is perfection!. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaturdaySojourn - Major Mac V - Like all the great Varian stallions before him, Major Mac V has a great mind, a willing attitude, strong body, and athletic ability. With proper training, and a gentle, guiding hand, he can take on any obstacle with confidence. It's the Varian Way... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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One Week From Tomorrow... A new Chapter in the Varian Story Begins. Major Mac is the epitomization of a continuum whose heritage runs so deep that it becomes timeless, superseding change and ensuring a commitment to its past, regardless of changes in the future. This weekend, we will close the door on the long-running "Summer Jubilee" series, and open the door – and our hearts – to a new summer event that acknowledges change, while remaining equally steadfast to the legacy that created it. And there is no other creature who stands for #TheVarianWay like the dark bay stallion, Major Mac V.
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Featured Horse of the Week: CALIFORNIA SUN V (HA Toskcan Sun+ x Calalilly V) AHA # 664732 2014 Bay Gelding Priced at $25,000 Breeders Sweepstakes & Scottsdale Signature Stallion California Sun V was just placed on the sales list and with his beauty, attitude, and natural talent, we don't think he will stay there for long. He has flashy markings and a wonderful willing disposition. California Sun V was just started with Jaime in May 2017, barely 60 days, and we are already very impressed with him. It's no surprise that he shows strong potential as a English/Country pleasure horse, he has trot bred into him for generations. This guy is going to be a winner in the show ring. Why not go along for the ride? California Sun V is classic Varian breeding and shares many of Major Mac V's best qualities. Visit the Varian Arabians website sales page to see additional photos, a full pedigree, and more.... MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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