Major Mac VThoughts from Sheila...
In 1959 we purchased Bay-Abi++ as a two year old stallion and in 1961 he earned US National Champion Stallion and the generations of great stallions bred by Varian Arabians began. 

Now 55 years later we very proudly present Major Mac V, a young stallion that carries the blood of 6 generations in direct line of Varian bred stallions beginning with Bay-Abi++.


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Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA, Foaled 04/11/12
Color:  Black bay, 4 white stockings, narrow strip in face. As confirmed by genetic color testing at VetGen labs,  Major Mac V carries the black gene and will not sire a chestnut, but will sire black.

Conformation: Starting from the ground: even round feet, short cannon bones with excellent size of bone.

Shoulder, Barrel and Hip: All in balance and conformed to perform any Western  or Hunter discipline. 

Tail: straight and carried well.

Head and Neck: Beautiful face with outstanding type, large eyes and small tipped ears. 
Moderately long, refined neck, clean throat latch with long poll and soft for ease of bridling.

Motion:  Very strong movement with very good lift and follow through of hocks.  

Temperament: Sweet minded, easy to handle, very responsive and brave.  

Breeding Info:

MAJOR MAC V brings to Varian Arabians the next step in our stallion line that is so valuable in all aspects to the Arabian breed.  I have watched Major Mac V since he was foaled with the hopes that he might grow to be the very important next step in our stallion line.  

MAJOR MAC V's fertility as a young stallion is exceptional both on the farm and with transported semen. He bred 60 mares as a 3 year old with a 96% conception rate. His average collection is between 14-19 billion motile sperm at 80% motility.


Stud Fee:

Purebred $1850 - Multiple Mare Discount $1600   
Half-Arab/Anglo Arab - $1250

Multiple Mare Discounts can be a combination of stallions or one stallion and 2 or more mares



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Maclintock V

 Sire: Maclintock V who is loved by everyone that yearns for an athletic, strong, stallion with 8 inch bone and substance yet remaining refined in neck and face with gorgeous black bay coloring and perfect markings.


Dam: Out of Majors Tiffany GA, brings out crossed blood through her pedigree to broaden our gene pool.  Majors Tiffany is the type of mare that one would want to produce a colt of the importance of Major Mac V.




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Candid Video: El Dorado Mac V Goes Reserve Champion International 2 Year Old Colt of his section at the 2017 Scottsdale Show! He represents the very FIRST foal by Major Mac V to hit the show ring... and what a moment it was. Many congrats to owner/breeder Shirley Houchin. And this is how it's done. #MajorMacV #TakingHisPlace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFzZaB_nuw
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VARIAN ARABIANS TODAY El Dorado Mac V to Show in International 2 Year Old Colts Today We invite you to cheer on El Dorado Mac V, Major Mac's first foal to hit the show ring! El Dorado Mac V is bred and owned by Shirley Houchin, and is out of the beautiful Jullyen mare, Estrella Jillian V. El Dorado Mac V shows in the Scottdale International Arabian Breeders Classic 2 Year Old Colts class (class 1067a) with Keith Krichke. (Note: This class may contain a possible split, and is scheduled as the second class into the 11am session. Watch live online here: http://www.iequine.com/events/2017/02/scottsdale-arabian-horse-show Help us cheer him on! #PowerOfTheV
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#SaturdaySojourn - Every creature has a place in their heart for receiving love and affection and acceptance. The Arabian horse offers these to us every day. It is one of the most profound traits that Sheila Varian bred into her horses. Major mac V embodies these traits and consistently passes them on to his offspring. See Major Mac V at Scottsdale this year. Warning - PREPARE TO FALL IN LOVE! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 days ago | Shares: 10 | Comments: 5 | Likes: 98
El Dorado Mac V Making History Sunday El Dorado Mac V will be the first foal by Major Mac to enter a show ring! Cheer him on in the Scottsdale International Arabian Breeders Classic 2-Year Old Colts with Keith Krichke for owner Shirley Houchin! The class will be held Sunday morning in class 1067a, two classes in from the 11am session. You can watch it LIVE online here: http://www.iequine.com/events/2017/02/scottsdale-arabian-horse-show #MajorMacV #TakingHisPlace
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#ThrowbackThursday: Then and now.... Then, Major Mac V was a good-looking colt with a lot of promise and breeding potential. Now, Major Mac V is fulfilling his promise with every foal he sires. Sheila chose him to carry on her legacy and the Varian breeding program. See Major Mac V in Scottsdale! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace #ScottsdaleBound
3 days ago | Shares: 11 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 115
Fan Quote Of The Day: Brooke Baker - "Absolutely gorgeous!! I can just see Sheila, so proud, smiling down from heaven!" Dear Brooke, Thank you for the lovely comment. Sheila may not be with us physically this year at Scottsdale when Major Mac V will be presented, however, we truly believe she will be there in spirit and in every horse that carries her bloodline and in every heart they touch. See Major Mac V in Scottsdale this year! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
5 days ago | Shares: 16 | Comments: 8 | Likes: 191
MAJOR MAC V Progeny Spotlight: BRIDGADOON MAC V (Major Mac V x Bint Bint Balalinka V) 2016 Colt Bred and owned by Varian Arabians Brigadoon Mac V is a classy boy - just like his daddy - Major Mac V! He was bred and built to perform and with his gorgeous chrome - he will certainly stand out in any show arena. Brigadoon's Mama is by Jullyen El Jamaal and the cross of these two great families has produced outstanding athletes with classic beauty, wonderful minds, and willing attitudes. See Major Mac V in Scottsdale - he's there waiting for you! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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When it rains, good photographers get creative. Here is a sneak peak of what happened last week at Varian Arabians. Stay tuned! #MajorMacV
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#SoulSunday - There is promise in every new dawn, in every new day, in every new foal... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaturdaySojourn - Life takes us on many adventures. Major Mac V has had a wonderful start and he has a solid foundation with his life at Varian Arabians. Soon, Major Mac V will be preparing for a new adventure - heading to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show where he will meet breeders from around the world. If you are heading to the Scottsdale show, be sure to take the opportunity to meet Major Mac V in person. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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A little sneak peak of things to come. We have seen the final product. And we can guarantee you Sheila would be smiling her big grin from ear to ear. Come see its unveiling – and a presentation of Major Mac V in person! – at Scottsdale Friday, February 24 after the morning classes at Keith Krichke's barn! #MajorMacV
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#ThrowbackThursday: Major Mac V says, "I am all fluffy and excited. It's a new day and I'm feeling good!" We love this exuberant photo of Major Mac V - it captures his joyful spirit perfectly! If you are attending the Scottsdale show, please stop by and meet Major Mac V in person. We hope to see you there! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
1 week ago | Shares: 25 | Comments: 10 | Likes: 148
Fan Quote Of The Day: Christine Brehm - "Beautiful and so very sweet. He was acting like a pocket pony when we met him at the Summer Jubilee. Never once even attempted to nip. This is what Sheila bred for." Dear Christine, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Major Mac V. We hope you and others who are attending the 2017 Scottsdale show will join us for a special presentation of Major Mac V. Stay tuned for details.... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 5 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 50
Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: BALTIMORE MAC V (Major Mac V x PGN Bellazima) 2015 Colt Bred by Varian Arabians, owned by Kim Laube Baltimore Mac V was bred to be a performance champion, but that doesn't mean he can't be the best friend ever too. We look forward to hearing more from this great team! Best wishes for years of joy together. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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"Major Mac V is definitely stamping his get in his image. My colt, Maksim MA, looks so much like Major Mac V and has the great Bay-Abi body substance. Couldn't get any better." – Leslie Ann Wells FB comment http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ #TakingHisPlace
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#SoulSunday - "Do not strive to be successful, strive to be of value..." Albert Einstein #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaturdaySojourn - Major Mac V's journey, thus far, has been mapped out to the best of our ability. Careful planning and preparation are critical and much of that began with allowing him to grow up in a natural and nurturing atmosphere. Today, Major Mac V is a maturing stallion - still young at just 5-years-old - but self-assured, confident, willing and able. Breeders don't miss the chance to see the heir of the Varian legacy at the 2017 Scottsdale show... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 7 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 74
ICYMI... Major Mac is Headed to Scottsdale! We're excited to announce that Major Mac V will be making a special trip to the 2017 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show February 22-26. He will not be shown, but rather making special appearances throughout his time at the show, particularly surrounding the new Sheila Varian Memorial Perpetual Stallion Trophy that features Major Mac, Sheila's 6th generation stallion. It will be a rare opportunity to see him off the farm. He will be stabled at the stalls of RBC Show Horses. Stay tuned for more information on formal showing times. We look forward to sharing him with you at Scottsdale 2017! http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ #MajorMacV
2 weeks ago | Shares: 13 | Comments: 6 | Likes: 91
#ThrowbackThursday: What a difference three years makes... this was Major Mac V as a two-year-old. Today, he is a mature stallion, taking his place among the great Varian sires. Would you like to see just how much this charming colt has changed? You can see him in person at the Scottsdale show. Don't miss this opportunity! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 24 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 132
Fan Quote Of The Day: Anne Laraia - "Love everything about this horse ... and the legacy..." Anne, thank you for your touching comments about Major Mac V. He truly is a stallion worthy of the title of Heir to the Varian Legacy. It's a huge responsibility, but his shoulders are big, broad, and strong. Major Mac V proves his worth every day with his kindness, noble spirit, and with every foal he sires. Long live Major Mac V and the Varian legacy! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
3 weeks ago | Shares: 7 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 75
Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: MAJOR BLISS (Major Mac V x Le Fire Daughter) 2016 3/4 Arabian Filly Bred and owned by Laurie and Ken West WHAT A FLIRT! Major Bliss is so adorable, we can't wait to see her in the show ring. The 2017 show season begins for many with the Scottsdale all Arabian Show. If you are planning to attend, be sure to come meet Bliss's daddy - Major Mac V! Be prepared to fall in love! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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It's not about leaving something FOR people. It's about leaving something IN people. #MajorMacV
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#SoulSunday - Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. Major Mac V - now is his moment.... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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