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Stephanie Brown
09 June 2022
June 2022 One Step At A Time These times have created an expectation of immediate gratification for most people. It takes just a few clicks on your phone to order some food, and a few minutes later so...
Stephanie Brown
21 March 2022
Finally, spring in the Las Vegas valley presented itself, other activities on the home-front began to slow down some, and it was time to get out on some more trail rides. I couldn't wait. A few days a...


  • By Sheila Varian The first horse arrived at my house when I was eight. Judy was a Morgan/Percheron cross that stood 16 hands and weight in about 1,200 pounds. My dad was crazy about hunting deer, and Judy was supposed to be a good hunting horse. She stood ground-tied, you Read More
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Misti Morn V and Mozambique V
Mozambique V++++// named Reserve National Champion! 

Big congratulations to Debbie & Dayton Canaday and Mozambique V++  (Botswana x Misti Morn V), who has just been named 2018 Sport Horse National Reserve Champion Arabian Sport Horse Geldings In-Hand Dressage Type AT.  Shown to his win by Debbie Canaday. There were 22 horses in the class.
He was also named 2018 Sport Horse National Top Ten Arabian Dressage Training Level Junior Horse (5th out of 16 horses)
Mozambique V++ has had a spectacular first show year with Regional Championships in main ring Halter, Hunter Pleasure, Dressage, Western Dressage, Sport Horse In Hand and Sport Horse Under Saddle!
This means that Misti Morn V, pictured right with Mozambique V++, is now in our Broodmare Hall Of Fame with 5 Champions and 4 National winners!
Mozambique V with Debbie and Dayton Canaday at Varian Arabians

Mozambique V++++// with Debbie and Dayton Canaday
2018 SHN mozambique v and Deb andDayton
2018 SHN mozambique v and deb 3
2018 SHN mozambique v and deb 2
 2018 SHN mozambique v and Deb