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Sheila & Lightly Bey V - Signed & Numbered Print

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Proceeds benefit Varian Arabians

"In Santa Ynez California, Sheila Varian presents a demonstration of the time-honored method of using a hackamore and slowly bridling a horse into a spade bit. Her horse, Lightly Bey V, is a finished spade bit horse.  He is her loyal partner in the presentation where, despite the crowds and distractions, he stands steady as a rock while she demonstrates the many secrets of this traditional training method.

It is my privilege to donate a portion of each sale to the ongoing preservation of Varian Arabians, and all the Sheila stood for.” - Joe Milazzo

Special Note: Sheila loved this piece. The framed original hung directly behind her desk for many years, as Lightly Bey V was her lifelong favorite ranch horse. "He would walk through fire for me,” she would say.


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