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Commotion V: In the Beginning

Commotion V: In the Beginning
Jaime handed me the reins and I reached up and stroked his long brown neck. His eyes were alert and bright. He looked at me straight. Little perfect ears pointing forward. "He's a little hotter than what you're used to" Sheila said. I raised my eyebrows to her. "His breeding is for the show ring, he's a trotting horse. His bloodline can be pretty h...
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Maureen Leaman
Hi Lisa, I loved reading your blogs, he sounds like a wonderful horse. Ok so Im curious was he your horse, or did you just get him... Read More
Saturday, 14 October 2017 12:51
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A Journey Begins

A Journey Begins
Seven degrees this morning. Looking out the window at the white landscape as the sun came up, I said to myself, "hey, I'm not the only one out there that can't ride all winter!" I don't have a toasty indoor arena, and I'm really not much into arena riding anyway. Sure, I sometimes like to work on precise skills and break things down to practice and...
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