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MikeMMfilly Kalena Mac V
December 27th, two days after Christmas. The morning was perfectly glorious. No wind, no clouds, the sun warmed my back through my jacket. I found Mike at the wash rack hosing the soapy suds off a big bay horse. "Good morning Lisa!" his blue eyes smiling at me. I'd asked him the day before if I could shadow him and watch while he worked with the yo...
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Jill Wright
I am amazed at the intelligence of the Varian bred horses. My first (and only) visit to Varian Arabians was in 1990. I was pregn... Read More
Sunday, February 17 2019 16:35
Dallas Jackson
I felt like I was there watching Mike with you. He is one of the kindest, most gracious and gifted people I have ever met. I am ... Read More
Thursday, April 18 2019 16:51
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