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You will immediately feel a bonded connection to Lisa's stories. Like Sheila, she has the gift of bringing a story to life on a page with her soft, candid and vivid writing style. It was this style that perhaps led her to becoming much of Sheila's voice over the last year with heartfelt updates enjoyed by thousands around the world. Sheila and Lisa... shared hours in the saddle together riding out on ranches across the country. A truly gifted horsewoman with an equal amount of heart, you'll love her blog where you'll often laugh, sometimes cry, but always learn a thing or do about the journeying cowgirl life. More
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The Hummingbird
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Dr. Wes Hoskins is a longtime Arabian horse breeder and exhibitor, who is most known for consignging a particularly special two-year-old colt named Bay-Abi to the auction that Sheila and her mother would attend and ultimately purchase him. Wes and his wife, Joanna, have been married for "several decades" and reside in Eugene, Oregon.