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Varian Arabians lies among the gently rolling hills of the Central Coast of California. The farm is located 1-1/2 hours north of Santa Barbara, fifteen minutes south of San Luis Obispo, in the town of Arroyo Grande. Varian Arabians is a peaceful place to visit, beautifully landscaped and surrounded on all sides by permanent pastures and rolling hills.

The California climate is mild and very conducive to raising Arabians. Varian Arabians is close to many tourist attractions, including Hearst Castle, local wineries and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. If you are coming to the Central Coast, we have some information that will help you in the planning of your visit.

We offer hotel/motel/B&B listings, as well as other info that may be of interest.

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The Varian Philosophy

The horses have our utmost respect; their daily comfort and well-being are our most important consideration. The stress-free atmosphere at VA provides a comfortable environment in which horses flourish mentally, as well as physically. Our stallions stand companionably side by side in open stalls. Disposition is as important a quality in the VA horse as beauty and athletic ability, and the Varian Arabian is well known for all three traits.

Please call if you have questions about how your mare's pedigree might cross with a particular Varian stallions, or to discuss marketing thoughts and what to expect. Very easy, interest free terms are available on the stud fees of each of our stallions. We are confident that your experience with Varian Arabians will be a pleasant one.

What does the "V" following a horse's name stand for?

You guessed it! It stands for Varian. The "V" is only used by Varian Arabians, and is used following the names of horses bred by Sheila Varian. The "V" immediately identifies the horse as being "Varian-bred." Although Varian Arabians has been breeding horses since 1955, the "V" following a horse's name wasn't initiated until 1981. So, when you see the trademark "V" following a horse's name, it means "I was bred by Varian Arabians."

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