(Audacious ps x Breathless V by *Jullyen El Jamaal)
Yearling Bay Filly Foaled 03/26/13


Blissful Juell V is a filly of extreme quality.  She is smooth as glass and built to win consistently at the major shows.  Pedigree-wise she is also top of the line with her sire being the great Audacious ps, who brings style and charisma to the pedigree.  Blissful Juell V’s dam Breathless V is a Top Ten winner in the Scottsdale Signature Filly class as a yearling, as well as a full sister to Beautiful Juell V, dam of the gold medal winner Jullye Al Gazal.


Blissful Juell V is an outstanding filly that will win many championships and then produce another generation of major winners to carry on her blood. 

 Sold to Ronai White, Jackson, Wyoming.


View Video  - added 2/9/2014 










(Maclintock V x Cimelena by Doc Olena)
6 Year Old Half Arabian Mare , Foaled 02/15/07

MACLINTOCK V an own son of Desperado V and out of Marigold V my finest Bay El Bey daughter. Maclintock is a stallion I sold as a three year old and was fortunate to buy back when he was in his teens now 20 the Maclintock daughters are sought after by everyone that has owned a Maclintock offspring.


CIMALENA a Quarter horse mare sired by the Million Dollar Quarter Horse stallion Doc Olena. I owned Cimalena in her very late years and was able to get three foals from her, all sired by Maclintock V.


COWGIRL LENA MAC V is a very pretty bay mare that looks like you expect a very good cross of an Arabian on a Quarter horse should look. Pretty face, good neck, Quarter horse body. Cowgirl Lena has been ridden all over in the hills and is barefoot. She crosses water, ties to the trailer, trailers in any kind of rig, will push cattle up a shoot and with more opportunity has a lot of desire to work cattle. Cowgirl Lena’s full sister, Chicolena Mac V, won the Working Cow Horse Championship at Scottsdale very handily last year.


Cowgirl Lena V looks forward to lots of riding anywhere you want to go. She is carrying the bridle now so finish her up and show her in Cowboy Dressage, Western Pleasure or simply ride her.


Sold to Bonnie Neff, Beverly Hills, FL.













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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Misti Morn v by Audacious ps)
3 Year Old Bay Stallion Foaled 04/16/10

*Recent Update* Monaco Jullyen V is full brother to Region 14 Champion Stallion Master Jullyen V.

Monaco Jullyen V is without doubt one of Jullyen El Jamaal's finest sons. Jullyen El Jamaal needs no introduction. He is and continues to be the leading siring son of champions for his sire Ali Jamaal. Jullyen has sired champions around the world with his offspring winning in the Breeding division, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure as well as the Reining discipline.

Misti Morn V is by Audacious ps and every one of her foals shown has been a Champion in Scottsdale or Regional level. Misti Morn V's dam Misti V I bred to Audacious 13 years ago when he stood at Midcrest Arabians. Her great foals, one after the next, was the reason we purchased Audacious ps four years ago.

Monaco Jullyen V will carry on for both Jullyen and Audacious. Monaco Jullyen V is a very charismatic stallion and has always been the star of all the showings but has not been offered for sale until now. He is now mature, in both mind and body. Monaco Jullyen's attitude is lovely, he is a kind stallion that is quiet to ride and yet, with his exceptionally long and high-set neck and flamboyant personality he will catch everyone's eye when shown at Halter or under saddle. He has talent for Western and Hunter but is now showing a great deal of talent for Country Pleasure. Take a look at his video trotting free.

If we are going to breed horses that can also win in Performance and Halter, they must be unique, a horse that is different, that will stand out in the show ring, as well as a presentation and breeding horse. Monaco Jullyen V will do just that in any country anywhere.

Programs: Breeders Sweepstakes and Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Sold to Leslie Sommer, Shamrock Farms, Texas. Watch for him at  Scottsdale.

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Full brother to Anthem V, multiple U.S. National Champion Western Pleasure Horse.

(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Alyce Bey V)
3 Year Old Bay Stallion Foaled 04/14/10

Aspecial Jullyen V is a special young stallion for every reason. His dam, Alyce Bey V is full sister to the magnificent Afire Bey V. His sire *Jullyen El Jamaal is the leading siring son of Ali Jamaal in the world.

Aspecial Jullyen V is a gorgeous stallion. He is a full brother to the beautiful ANTHEM V, multiple National Champion Western Pleasure Horse in the United States and Canada. Alyce Bey V is 25 years old so we are seeing the last of her offspring. Aspecial Jullyen V is her last colt and so carries a great deal of significance for the breed. He is very well started under saddle with exceptional gaits. Aspecial Jullyen V is one of a kind.

All photos unaltered.




Programs: Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Sold to Aimee Brower, Virginia.

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ASPECIAL JULLYEN V is full brother to ANTHEM V, the number one purebred Western Pleasure Horse 2008-2012. Anthem V is owned by Janice & Neville Lorick, NC.














2008  Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure Horse

2008  US National Top Ten Western Pleasure Maturity AAOTR

2009  Canadian National Top Ten Western Pleasure AAOTR 18-39

2009  Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AATR 18-39

2009  US National Top Ten Western Pleasure AAOTR 18-39

2010  Canadian National Top Ten Western Pleasure AAOTR 18-39

2010  Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AATR 18-39

2010  US National Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 55 & Over

2011  Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 40 & Over

2011  Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AATR 40 & Over

2011  US National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 55 & Over

2012  Canadian National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 40 & Over

2012  Canadian National Top Ten Western Pleasure AATR 40 & Over

2012  US National Top Ten Western Pleasure AAOTR 55 & Over



(Maclintock V x Ala Modina by Enzo)
Yearling Bay Gelding, Foaled 3/29/12

MACLINTOCK V is nearing the end of his breeding career as he turns 20 years old. Maclintock V is beautiful, athletic, and a sire of note. He, like his sire Desperado, will only sire black, bay and grey. His temperament has made him a favorite with everyone that has one of his foals.

ALA MODINA brings valuable athletically useful blood through her sire Enzo, who has sired National Champions in both Halter and Performance as well as through her grand dam Bask Ala Fame. Those two names speak for themselves.

ALAMO MAC V is a very pretty young gelding, beautiful head and very nice balance throughout. Nice to handle, Alamo Mac V is going to grow up to be a very nice guy who will be successful under saddle in most disciplines. Alamo Mac V is Ala Modina’s first foal.

Breeders Sweepstakes entered.

Sold to Tamarra Barbey, Ojai, CA.

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Additional Horses Sold at the Summer Jubilee:

APACHE MAC V (Maclintock V x Ames Perfection) Yearling Bay Gelding Sold to Vicky Vaughan, CA.

STARDUST V (*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Siesta V) 4 Year Old Bay Mare Sold to Sam & Ashley Iler, CA.

MM SAKIINA (Audacious ps x MM Sariina) Weanling Grey Filly Sold to Sanford Blondell & Vicky Vaughan, CA.


(Audacious x Estopa Crystal Bell)
Grey 2 Year Old Gelding, Foaled 03/20/11

This is a tall and elegant two year old gelding by charismatic Audacious. El Campo is a real amateur owner halter horse prospect and will be ready to go into training as a performance horse in the fall this year. Western/hunter disciplines as well as halter.

Programs: US Halter Futurity, Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Sold to Shannon Stubbs, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada.


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(Desperado V x Ravvens Skylark)

11 Year Old Bay Gelding

The +/ following Rawhides' name denotes Legion of Supreme Honor (150 points earned in AHA approved shows).

Rawhide V
+/ is one of the last of the great Desperado V sons. He is kind, well-mannered and trained for amateurs with some knowledge Rawhide can be ridden on the trail and around cattle. He is a handsome horse, tall at 15.2 and strong, enough to carry a large man, but gentle enough to carry a teenager. Rawhide V +/ has been extraordinarily successful in the Sport Horse showring, earning 178 points in just two years of competition. Highlights of his show career include: 2012 Sport Horse Nationals Reserve National Champion in Dressage, 2012 Sport Horse Nationals Top Tens in all 7 events entered and 2011 Pacific Slope Championships High Point Horse.

Sold to Joanne Adcock, Stillwater, MN.

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(IXL Noble Express x Calendar Girl V)
4 Year Old Bay Gelding Foaled 3/26/09

Sire: US National Champion Park Horse IXL Noble Express who has now sired National Champions.

Dam: Calendar Girl V, dam of National Champions in English Pleasure and champions is Hunter Pleasure.

Chocolate Express V is a real contender for the $100,000 English Pleasure Futurity in Tulsa. Chocolate Express has the breeding top and bottom of his pedigree to suggest he should be able to trot. Now, it is for sure, Chocolate Express V can definitely trot. Not shod up in this video and barefoot behind, this young prospect is strong, sound with a great big, high rolling trot.

Sold to Tom & Kathy Shippee, Brentwood, NY.

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Full brother to Prarie Juell V, 2013 Region 1 Champion Mare, Region 1 Reserve Champion Junior Western Pleasure.

(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Precious V)
3 Year Old Bay Stallion Foaled 05/14/10

Picante Jullyen V is a big 3 year old stallion. He is strong, substantial and beautiful. A full brother to the exquisite Scottsdale International Reserve Champion 2 Year Old Filly Prarie Juell V, Picante carries the blood of Beauty and Western Pleasure as well as Reining National Champions close up in his pedigree.

*Jullyen El Jamaal has been a magnificent sire for us and Precious V a very precious broodmare. So there is no surprise Picante is who he is. I see Picante winning National Championships in Western Pleasure or Reining and being a sire of note. He has the bloodlines to do either one or both.

Picante is barefoot and all photos are unaltered.

Programs: Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Sold to Rancho Sonado, Sahuarita, AZ.

















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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Siesta V)
2 Year Old Bay Mare Foaled 03/06/11


Purchased by the Strydom Stud in South Africa


Secret Juell V is a beautifully made show filly that is going to be very hard to beat when she goes to the show ring and when the time comes as a brood mare she will be a brood mare supreme.


(Audacious ps x Kashmir NA)
Grey Yearling Mare Foaled 05/04/12

Kaliska V is an exquisite daughter of Audacious ps with all of his style and beauty. A top quality show filly with a gorgeous head and neck as well as body.  Kaliska will become a Champion when she goes to the show ring.

Purchased by the Strydom Stud in South Africa







(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Sanadika V by Sanadik el Shaklan)
4 Year Old Bay Mare Foaled 4/21/08


Sire: *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL had 15 get entered at Scottsdale this year: 11 of the 15 won ribbons and 5 won Championships.


Dam: SWEET SANADIKA V, dam of 15 foals, 11 champions, 5 National winners and several yet to be shown. Now deceased.

SEQUOIA JULLYEN V is the last female out of Sweet Sanadika V. A full-bodied, robust, young mare, Sequoia Jullyen V is one of Sweet Sanadika’s best. Undersaddle Western with a future ahead of her in the show ring at the highest level and then to continue the breeding lines that made her dam Sweet Sanadika V an Arabian Horse World “Dam of Distinction”. Sequoia Jullyen V is full sister to beautiful Scottsdale and Regional Champion Sahara Jewel V and Shiloh Jullyen V.











Sold to Debby Stevenot of Avila Beach, CA.  Sequoia Jullyen V is a dream horse for Debby Stevenot.  This beautiful mare is in training with Brett Becker to acquire a show record and become Debby’s riding horse then back to Varian Arabians to be bred to Audacious to become the broodmare that her breeding and conformation require.


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(Marwan Al Magnifficoo x Misti Morn V)
Yearling Bay Colt

Mosaic V is one of the young breeding quality colts that I am proud to have bred. Mosaic’s sire, Marwan al Magnifficoo is a lovely stallion of impeccable breeding lines and Misti Morn V, his dam, is one of Varian Arabians premier young mares. 

Mosaic was just named Champion Yearling colt at the Minnesota Fall Fest. A very large class that required two cuts of the yearling colts. Mosaic V won a Top Ten on points and then by comparison of five judges was judged Champion of the Top Ten colts. A big thank you to Jeff Schall, Jerry Schall and the Schall family with the training and preparation of Mosaic and presentation by Mike Bills. Make a point to see this youngster ….. you will be impressed.

CA and SCID clear.

Sold to Tinus and Francisca Strydom of Strydom Stud, South Africa.

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(Audacious ps x Raquel NA)
3 Year Old Grey Gelding Foaled 2/12/2010

Sire: Audacious ps 1997 National Reserve Champion Futurity Stallion, Region 5 and 8 Unanimous Champion Stallion and 2010 Champion 8 Years and Older Stallions in Scottsdale. Audacious is the sire of National Champions in Halter and National Champions in Performance. He is known for his exquisite style and charisma along with a very gentle nature.

Dam: Raquel NA, sired by Bravado Bey V, out of the great champion producer Rio Rita NA. Raquel is making a name for herself as a broodmare and will shortly become a Dam of Distinction with her Champion foals.

As you can see, Rocaudacious is a very beautiful horse and talk about STYLE and SIZE! He is just under saddle and coming along as you would expect an Audacious offspring to train... easy. Rocadacious will win in halter at the National level and it will be easy for him as he is happy and full of fun yet when you saddle and work him he is putty in your hands.

Sold to Kristen Lee, Encinitas, California. Big, beautiful and wonderful under saddle as well as so pretty, Rocaudacious could win in halter at the Nationals in both performance and halter if Kristen is inclined to show.  Staying at Varian Arabians to continue his training for a bit longer.


(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Maya V by *Sandik El Shaklan)
Yearling Grey Gelding, Foaled 03/14/12

*JULLYEN EL JAMAAL continues to set standards far above any other stallion of his breeding. As of 2012, *Jullyen had sired 134 Champions and Reserves all over the world in Halter as well as Performance. *Jullyen’s offspring train very well, are quiet minded and good performers in the showring or on the trail.

MAYA V, dam of Mayan El Jullyen V, is becoming one of our best producing mares, having crossed well with *Jullyen El Jamaal, Audacious ps and Maclintock V.

MAYAN EL JULLYEN V is first and foremost going to be a big strong gelding when he grows up. Already tall and already full-bodied, Mayan El Jullyen V is going to be able to do everything, whether it is Western Pleasure, Trail, Reining, Sport Horse, you name it and I bet Mayan will excell. You will like this big guy.
Scottsdale Signature Stallion Futurity nominated.

Sold to Marilyn Waand Jordan Lee Owen, Arvada, CO.


2 Year Old Bay Filly, Foaled 2/15/10
(Maclintock V x Ames Perfection by Brass)

By: MACLINTOCK V, Champion Western Pleasure horse. Maclintock V is one of everyone’s favorite stallions. He will sire black, bay and grey however he will not sire a chestnut. Maclintock V is my secret weapon for siring the working western horse.

Dam: AMES PERFECTION by The great National Champion sire Brass, out of the full sister to the dam of National Champion Ames Charisma. Ames Perfection has had a very good cross with Maclintock V and so we keep her bred to him.

ALICE BLUE GOWN V, a very feminine filly, a lady’s horse if there ever was one. Gentle, sweet, small but substantial, beautifully marked Alice Blue Gown V is named for a famous old western song about a lovely girl in a blue gown, which seemed very fitting to me.

Sold to Fran Meyers, Poway, California.


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(Maclintock V x Plasmista SS)
4 Year Old Bay Mare, Foaled 5/2/09


Sire: MACLINTOCK V own son of the great stallion Desperado V. Maclintock V, a Champion in Western Pleasure has sired Champions in Western Pleasure, Reining, Working Cow and Hunter.

Dam: PLAMISTA SS exceptionally well bred Russian mare by the great Russian imported stallion, US National Champion stallion *Muscat. Out of the equally great mare Plamista, an own daughter of the great Russian stallion Arax.

Pistol Packing Patti V is bred and built to work. I love her very short cannon bones, great feet, good size bone and tremendous balance. Here is a mare that can be successful at anything. Well started under saddle western, Pistol
Packing Patti is ready to do something important.


Sold to Adrienne Vaughan, Roseville, CA.

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(Audacious ps x La Kijan by Bey Shah
2 Year Old Bay Filly

Sired by the brilliant Audacious ps and out of our last remaining Keepsake V daughter, National Champion produceer La Kijan, Klassy Lassy is just what her name implies. Since she was foaled, Klassy Lassy has had her tail over her back with all the movement and glamour that one would expect from this mating. Besides all her style, Klassy Lassy is bred to perform and at the very highest level.

La Kijan, dam of Klassy Lassy V has produced 18 foals with 11 Champions in Halter, Reining, Hunter and Western Pleasure. She is right up at the top of the Arabian Horse World's Dams of Distinction, now 23 years old.

Sold to Mary Pugliese of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Mary Pugliesse came to Varian Arabians to find her next forever horse.  Mary, a good rider, wanted a beautiful horse that had plenty of go along with a very sweet demeanor. Mary rode Klassy Lassy for several days and is leaving her here for us to work with until the weather clears in the east.

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(Afire Bey V x Eula)
8 Year Old Bay Mare Foaled 03/16/05


Sire: Emerald V is sired by the incomparable Afire Bey V.

Dam: Out of the beautiful Polish National Champion Mare Eula, now returned to Poland.

Emerald V is now on the way to becoming one of the great English Pleasure mares. She has an excellent work ethic and great style. We have shown Emerald once and she won her class. Since we show very little, Emerald is fresh, healthy and very sound. In her lifetime she has required no vet work and is ready to step up to the next level with a top trainer. 













Sold to Thomas Kirk Kristianson of Denmark. Emerald V has gone home to the Stachowski’s in Ohio to either stay in the US or show at the Nationals in the fall and be bred.  Thanks to Jim Stachowski for this sale.

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(Audacious ps x Maya V)
3 Year Old Grey Stallion Foaled 05/05/09


The Magician V is by Audacious ps, Scottsdale Champion 8 and Over Stallion at 16 years of age and out of Maya V, daughter of the incomparable Sanadik El Shaklan and full sister to Magdalena V, dam of US National Champion Western Pleasure horses May Dancer V and Melody V.


The Magician V is a very charismatic young stallion following in the footsteps of his sire Audacious ps. He is brilliant but gentle, exactly what our Arabians horses are noted to be.

The Magician has been shown successfully as a yearling. Not only was he Junior Champion over the 2 year olds, but Most Classic Head as well. Training nicely under saddle, The Magician is a real opportunity as a show and breeding stallion as well as a personal and enjoyable riding horse.






















Sold to Leslie Bartlett, Alberta, Canada. The Magician V will be on his way to Shada Arabians for his show career.


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(Audacious ps x Lalique V by Desperado V)
2 Year Old Grey Filly Foaled 3/12/10


Sire: AUDACIOUS PS 1993 US National Reserve Champion Futurity Stallion, Region 5 & 8 Unanimous Champion Stallion and 2010 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Breeding, 8 Years & Older Stallions. Audacious ps is sired by Fame VF, 1987 US National Champion stallion. His dam is Hal Flirtatious, Reserve Champion Mare, who produced three foals before her death.

Dam: LALIQUE V dam of 4 offspring. Lalique V was Region 2 Reserve Champion Country Pleasure horse and consistently produces size, beauty and talent.

LADACIOUS V is a full sister to Lightning Strike V, Scottsdale Champion Yearling Colt of his age group and last year US Reserve Champion Futurity Hunter as a 3 year old. Ladacious is going to follow quickly in the footsteps of her brother. 15.2 hands now as a 2 year old, Ladacious will excell in the Arabian Performance division as well as the Sport Horse division.
















Sold to Pepper Algood, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ladacious V will be Pepper Algood's personal horse and an exceptional breeding mare.


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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Magdalena V by *Sanadik El Shaklan)
4 Year Old Grey Mare Foaled 02/14/08, sells with an Audacious ps breeding


Sire: *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL The leading siring son of Ali Jamaal in the world. And *Jullyen El Jamaal is the only stallion in the world sired by Ali Jamaal out of the great mare Jullye El Ludjin.

Dam: MAGDALENA V foaled 15 foals here at Varian Arabians; 7 champions and 2 National Champions. Her get have been champions in Halter and National Champions in Western Pleasure.

MY VALENTINA V with *Jullyen El Jamaal as her sire and the great mare Magdalena V her dam, My Valentina V is a mare that will be successful under saddle either as a Hunter or Western. She is an exceptionally sweet and pleasant mare that will win in the show ring and be a wonderful personal horse as well. With My Valentina V's breeding, she will be an exceptional broodmare, so I offer a breeding to Audacious ps or Sundance Kid V for a 3/4 sibling to National Champions May Dancer V or Melody V.










Sold to Sloan & Robin Kritser, Amarillo, Texas. My Valentina V will be loved and ridden by Sloan and Robin Kritser.



Hi Sheila,
I am riding in a dressage clinic this weekend in which Michelle Williams is the teacher.  She was very excited to see My Valentina V and she said she rode one of your horses, Bandana V and was very complimentary of the caliber of horses that you keep producing.  Vali Girl is doing very well in the clinic.  We're both having fun and learning a lot.  I think she got a little tired yesterday. When I unsaddled her, she just rested her head in my arms and closed her eyes.  I just adore her. The Beckers did a wonderful job with her and I am just so happy with her.  Everyone at the barn is in love with her.  She is so sweet, willing and remarkably calm for such a youngster. 

Robin Kritser




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Yearling Bay Gelding Foaled 05/12/11

Sire: *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL, leading siring son of the great Ali Jamaal in the world.

Dam: SATINE  IA (QR Excell x Psyches Euphoria)  Champion mare,  dam of 5 foals with her sixth foal due in a week.

SANGAREE JULLYEN V is a very handsome youngster, as close to stallion quality as a colt can get, we wouldn’t have gelded him if we hadn’t had so many colts last year. Here is an Affordable Family horse that will carry you in the show ring to the National level or on the trail.

















Garth Dustin from Idaho has purchased the very handsome Marakesh Jullyen V and Sangaree Jullyen V.  They will grow up in Idaho to become family horses for Garth and his grandchildren to enjoy and train and then show as they come of age.

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(Audacious ps x Merrily V by *Jullyen El Jamaal)
Grey yearling gelding foaled 03/31/11

Sire: AUDACIOUS PS who was US Reserve National Champion Stallion as a 3 year old, unanimous Regional Champion Stallion of Region 5 and 8 and his last showing was as a 17 year old when he won Scottsdale Champion Stallion 8 and Over.

Dam: MERRILY V by *Jullyen El Jamaal out of the great mare Magdalena V, dam of Melody V and May Dancer V both National Champions in the Western division.
Click here for more info and photos of Merrily V.

MIRAMAR V Merrily produced Miramar V her first foal. The cross on Audacious from the *Jullyen El Jamaal daughters looks like it will be a very good one. Miramar is a good-sized gelding with good structure and a full body. He has the typical Audacious attitude which will enable him to be a terrific competition horse in the athletic activities desired.















Samurai Jullyen V and Miramar V are moving to Canada with their new owner Karen Curruthers.  Karen is looking forward to getting back to riding and enjoying the joy of  owning and working with quality Arabian horses.  Having followed the Varian program for years Karen was set on having a horse with a "V" following their name. 


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Yearling Bay Gelding Foaled 03/22/11


Sire:  *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL was bred by Lenita Perroy in Brazil and imported to the US as a yearling. He was purchased by Varian Arabians as an 8 year old and is now 16 years old. *Jullyen is the leading siring son of Ali Jamaal in the world. (statistics by Arlene Magid).


Dam: MAYA V younger full sister to National Champion producer Magdalena V. Maya has produced 9 foals, all of them very good. She also produced Mexicali Mac V, a National winner in Western Pleasure.


MARAKESH JULLYEN V is a very handsome big, dark bay colt that we gelded considering the number of boys we had last year. With Marakesh’s conformation, quality and breeding he should definitley have a run at the nationals in the western division as he has everything going for that discipline.

















Garth Dustin from Idaho has purchased the very handsome Marakesh Jullyen V and Sangaree Jullyen V.  They will grow up in Idaho to become family horses for Garth and his grandchildren to enjoy and train and then show as they come of age.

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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Tu Desperate by Desperado V)
4 Year Old Chestnut Gelding

Dazzlin Jullyen is tall, over 15.2 hands, chestnut with four white stockings and a narrow blaze. He takes training very well and has a very lovely natural head set for either Hunter or Western Pleasure. Dazzlin has excellent motion so he will excell as a Hunter especially with his size, color and markings although that would be greatly appreciated in the Western division as well.

So whichever way your desire goes Dazzlin Jullyen is going to be a star.


Dazzlin Jullyen V now resides at the barn of Joyce Thomas and was purchased by Nancy Peterson.  Joyce will show Dazzlin in the Hunter division and Nancy, who hasn’t decided if she wants to step into the show ring yet, will enjoy Dazzlin at home.  Look for this lovely big chestnut gelding with the four white legs in the Hunter division at the major shows.


Dazzlin arrived Monday morning, walked quietly out of the van and gave me a big kiss! Needless to say, it was love at first sight. He is already the barn favorite! He is a remarkable boy and will be very well loved and cared for here. Dazzlin is so gentle that I can hardly wait to ride him. I am so blessed to have this magnificent horse in my life. A big thank you to all of you at Varian Arabians!
Nancy Peterson

Entered is Breeders Sweepstakes




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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Silk V by Desperado V)
Bay 4 year old Gelding, 2/12/08

Sire: *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL sired at 2011 Nationals: Champion Western Pleasure Junior Horse Monticello V, Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Jullyanna, Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse San Carlos Jullyen V, Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure AAO Maturity Kijan El Jullyen V and Reserve Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 55 & Over Anthem V. 

Dam; SWEET SILK V, dam of five foals including Sheer Audacity V, Champion Yearling Senior Colt International Breeders class Scottsdale and HC Obsidian Silk, US National Top Ten Western Pleasure Futurity Horse and Western Pleasure winner Shimmering Silk V.
Click here for more info and photos of Sweet Silk V.

SAMURAI JULLYEN V is a striking young gelding coming along very well under saddle. Out of a beautiful black daughter of Desperado V Samurai Jullyen V is a fine opportunity to step into a horse that is already under saddle, in condition and ready to head for the show ring. Samurai will be a very competitive western pleasure horse at a National level or a beautiful horse to ride on the trails or in Dressage arena as well as sport horse.














Samurai Jullyen V and Miramar V are moving to Canada with their new owner Karen Curruthers.  Karen is looking forward to getting back to riding and enjoying the joy of  owning and working with quality Arabian horses.  Having followed the Varian program for years Karen was set on having a horse with a "V" following their name. 

Programs: Breeders Sweepstakes

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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Khantina Girl V by Desprado V)

3 Year Old Chestnut Mare Foaled 05/11/09

Sire: * JULLYEN EL JAMAAL consistently siring National Champions as well as gentle, easy to train trail horses.

Dam: KHANTINA GIRL V US National Western Pleasure Futurity Champion herself and a producer of National Champions. Khantina Girl V has been an amazing producer of great offspring sired by *Jullyen El Jamaal. Dam of eight foals with a filly this year.

KHALICO JEWEL V is an extremely beautiful young mare with a brilliant red color and just the right amount of white markings, good size and outstanding style. Under saddle Western, expect to see Khalico Jewel V at the Nationals in the next year.






















KHALICO JUELL V and SWEET CAMILYA V are both in St. Clair Shores, Michigan with Chip Arbanas and Skye.  These two beautiful *Jullyen el Jamaal daughters are out of two of our best mares and are going to set the standard in the area for quality Arabians.


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(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Caroline  V by Besson Carol)
3 Year Old Bay Filly Foaled 2/5/09 


Sire: *JULLYEN EL JAMAAL Setting his own standards of Halter, Western and Hunter horses. At the 2012 Scottsdale show Jullyen sired many winners in a number of divisions, with the Champion Hunter Junior horse Jullyana and the Champion Open Hunter Championship San Carlos Jullyen V.

Dam: SWEET CAROLINE V, dam of 5 offspring with San Carlos Jullyen V a US National Reserve Champion Hunter. In Scottsdale San Carlos was Signature Hunter Futurity Champion as a four year old and this year in Scottsdale Champion Open Hunter.

SWEET CAMILLYA V is a full sister to San Carlos Jullyen V. Tall and elegant, training beautifully under saddle Western Pleasure, Sweet Camillya will carry on the championship program of Varian Arabians. If you love San Carlos Jullyen V you will love Sweet Camillya V.







Sold to Chip Arabanas, St. Clair Shores, Michigan.


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(Hucks Connection V X Calendar Girl V by Bravado Bey V)
4 Year Old Gelding


Sire: HUCKS CONNECTION V National Champion English Pleasure Horse, Hucks Connection V was a very popular stallion at Varian Arabians until he was purchased by Jack LaPointe in 2006. Now with Vicki Humphries up, Hucks Connection V is a National Champion English Pleasure horse and highest scoring Scottsdale liberty champion.


Dam: CALENDAR GIRL V is the dam of 2 females and 4 males. She is the dam of Calapalooza V, Youth National English Pleasure Champion, Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure AO and Canadian National Champion English Pleasure and Calalily V, English Pleasure mare extraordinaire as well as China Connection V.

CHINA CONNECTION V is showing all sorts of talent under saddle as a four year old Country Pleasure horse. We have brought him along slowly with no pressure to ensure that he will stay sound for many years to come. China Connection takes training very willingly with no issues or complications. If you would like to ride Hunt or Show Hack rather than Country Pleasure, China Connection V will change over easily.











Sold to Kelly Young, Alberta, Canada.

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