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Varian Arabians shared Preserve Varian Arabians Ranch's photo.
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The Varian Arabians lies among the gently rolling hills of the Central Coast of California. The farm is located 1 1/2 hours north of Santa Barbara, fifteen minutes south of San Luis Obispo, in the town of Arroyo Grande. The Varian Arabians is a peaceful place to visit, beautifully landscaped and sur...
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Jullyen El Jamaal Progeny Spotlight: Jullya Bey Jamaal (Jullyen El Jamaal x Cantina Maria) 2005 Mare Bred by D. Severa Owned by Jose Salim Mattar “We love this image of Jullya Bey Jamaal with her best friend, Johanna Ullstrom of Belgium. The bond they share is very special because Johanna truly appreciates this precious jewel - a beautiful daughter of Jullyen El Jamaal. We know she is in good hands. Thank you Sweet Photography from the UK for this beautiful image” #JullyenElJamaal
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#SoulSunday: The 2016 Varian Summer Jubilee was a chance for us to share our love of the Arabian horse. Were YOU there? We hope you felt the love... Some things are worth preserving... #PreserveVARanch
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#SoulSunday: Today - Enjoy your Freedom! #JullyenElJamaal #WeSaluteYou
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Irvine Training with Kari Hester and 4 others.
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Irvine Training with Kari Hester and 4 others.
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Class: Arabian Hunter Pleasure Pro-Am Horse: Brando V Rider: Victoria Faulkner Owner: Victoria Faulkner Breeder: Varian Arabians
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Irvine Training with Katie Lea and 3 others.
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Irvine Training with Katie Lea and 4 others.
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Irvine Training with Kari Hester and 4 others.
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Irvine Training with Kari Hester and 4 others.
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It's Workday Wednesday! Job getting you down? Need an attitude adjustment? Try this: The secret to happiness: Appreciate Everything! We appreciated having Jullyen El Jamaal at Varian Arabians. His beauty - body and soul - were so special. Those same qualities live on in his wonderful get and grandget... Tell us - What do YOU appreciate most about Jullyen El Jamaal? #JullyenElJamaal #AppreciationDay
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Jullyen El Jamaal Progeny Spotlight: MASTER JULLYEN V (Jullyen El Jamaal x Misti Morn V by Audacious PS) 2009 Stallion Bred by Varian Arabians Owned by Teresa and David May - Master Jullyen V is so darn GORGEOUS! He was an Arabian Horse Times Cover Boy and man, he deserved it! He is a Region 14 Champion and U.S. National Top Ten in Halter. Can you imagine him under saddle? Whoa! Now that's going to be fun! Congratulations and best wishes to Teresa and David May! #JullyenElJamaal #ADynastyofHisOwn
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Kashmir is out of the international Polish superstar, *Kwestura! add contact information here 1275 Corbett Canyon Road | Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 US This email was sent to . To ensure that you continue receiving our emails, please add us to your address book or safe list. manage your preferences (htt...
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#SoulSunday: There's so much beauty in this world - be sure to make the time to enjoy it... #JullyenElJamaal
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"My Varian Arabians" Yesterday I rode Alabama Mac V and ponied Dakota Bey V. Alabama is 7 years old now and Dakota is 31 1/2. I feel a connection with you and Dakota because you assisted in loading him and getting him on the way home that summer of 1986. We were so green then. We did not even own a trailer, so we hired a local "cowboy" to bring him home in his trailer. I remember you gave him an injection and sent another one home with us "just in case" we needed more sedation. I know loading and handling the horses has evolved since then! I took some photos last night before our ride. I thought you might like to see the boys. I think Dakota is looking pretty good for his age. He does have trouble getting up after he rolls in the sand though. Alabama has been a challenge for me to train. Dakota was such a submissive, fearful kind of horse. Always on alert but I love him and we did mountain search and rescue with Madera County for 10 years. He is a great mountain trail horse, a great athlete and so sensitive. Alabama is about the exact opposite of Dakota. Very secure about himself and not about to do what he does not want to do. He is intelligent and sensitive in his own way. I think it is more "handler error" with him. Meaning, he needs to have a confident and consistent leader-it is my problem not so much his. I have had to make big changes in myself and educate myself so much these past years with the help of a great clinician, Harry Whitney, and another friend who has mentored me. There is so much to learning "horse" and not looking at them from a human perspective but approaching them from their perspective. I wish you all the best and a lot of strength and perseverance in the times ahead. You can do it!! Long Live the V!" – Joy Kagawa Mariposa, CA (Additional Note: Dakota Bey V is a full brother to Desperado V. Lucky girl!)
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Jullyen El Jamaal - he was a wonderful example of good conformation, which he consistently passes on to his get, generation after generation. #JullyenElJamaal
1 month ago | Shares: 5 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 102
Jullyen El Jamaal Progeny Spotlight: OLIVIAS JUELL V (Jullyen El Jamaal x Olianna LTL by Marwan Al Shaqab) 2015 Filly Bred and owned by Varian Arabians Olivias Juell V - What an elegant filly, shown here as a foal with her mother. She's a beautiful filly with an incredible pedigree. Her future is full of possibilities! #JullyenElJamaal
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Varian Arabians shared Preserve Varian Arabians Ranch's photo.
1 month ago | Shares: 0 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 68
How Good Could Your Horse Be if it Were Trained the Varian Way? We're excited to announce that, due to outstanding sales at the 2016 Summer Jubilee, Varian Arabians now has a handful of openings to take outside horses into training by head trainers Jaime Hernandez and Mike Perez. Whether you have a young horse that needs started on groundwork or an older horse that needs started or finished under saddle, you know he is in good hands... maybe the best hands. Mike is a master of getting into a horse's mind. His quiet demeanor and gentle hand provides a solid mental foundation for the rest of their life. Jaime has been training horses The Varian Way for over two decades, and knows how to work with them in a partnership of togetherness to obtain maximum results in a soft, light-handed manner. The best part? Training rates are more affordable than you might think! Don't wait... these limited openings are in high demand and will go fast. Click below for more information, testimonials from others who have sent their horses to Jaime and Mike, and contact information to get your horse booked. Get your horse trained The Varian Way at the source, and never look back. www.VarianArabians.com/Training
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Varian Arabians with Katrina Sanders.
1 month ago | Shares: 8 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 110
Hey Lester Buckley Fans! Be sure to check out a very special symposium feature world-renown veterinarian and author Robert M. Miller, DVM and Lester Buckley September 23-24 in Finchville, KY! This event will sell out. See details below. Or visit www.BuckleyRanchAndSportHorses.com #LesterBuckley
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#SoulSunday Meet WR Jullane - another beautiful daughter sired by Jullyen El Jamaal. Thank you Javan for this lovely photo. #JullyenElJamaal
1 month ago | Shares: 4 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 90
For many lovers of the Arabian horse, this image of Jullyen El Jamaal, taken by Stuart Vesty, is one of the most classic and iconic images of Arabian conformation. Jullyen El Jamaal personified the philosophy of "Form to function". Not only was he a beautiful individual, he was gorgeous under saddle too. Best of all...he consistently passes those attributes to his offspring. He remains - and always will - an icon of Arabian Excellence! #JullyenElJamaal
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  • 1957 - 1984 For Bay-Abi, life was a lark and he its star merrymaker. All he needed to make his world complete was the perfect sidekick. He found her in 1959 at the first Arabian horse sale to be held at San Francisco's Cow Palace. Her name was Sheila Varian, and Read More
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